Thursday, November 4, 2010

And She's on Her Way!!

There is much celebration in the little house on the corner today. Brittany has a job!

It is a real, grown-up, what she studied in college job! Mind you, she had never been unemployed but over the last many years she has worked her tail off to put herself through school, sometimes holding three jobs at one time. It took her a long time, a very long time but she did it! I have watched her goals and interests change as she studied and interned in the different areas of a Communications major. She has gone from wanting to be in front of the camera as a news anchor, to being the one in charge of producing or planning everything. Public Relations became a keen interest. She has beautifully combined them all and is now...


Drum Roll Please


...the new Events Manager for Thanksgiving Point!!

I am now their Official Best Fan!
Let me show you!

Located in Lehi, Utah, just off of I-15, Thanksgiving Point is a huge, amazing place. So much happens there I am sure I don't even know; but my girl is in charge of planning, coordinating, and implementing most of it!

 There is The Show Barn.

It is the site of many concerts, parties, and events requiring a large venue.

The Gardens...

 It is a favorite place to spend an afternoon strolling about,
also the sight of many wedding and family picture shoots.
Every spring they have their annual Tulip Festival...glorious color!

Many a beautiful wedding is held at Thanksgiving Point, indoors and outside as well.

The Museum of Ancient Life houses hours of fun and learning with their awesome 
dinosaur and fossil collection. We love it there!

Farm Country allows you to get up close to farm animals and hosts a Farmer's Market.

We don't want to forget the golf course...I can see why so many people like to golf, for the scenery!
There is also shopping, dining, and a Megaplex Theater on the property. 

Do you recognize this Princess?

 That's right! Thanksgiving Point hosts "Cornbelly's" every fall.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Pumpkin Princess who worked very hard to achieve her dreams.
 The children loved her but she longed for a college degree and a larger income!

 Dreams do come true!!


Annie said...

I'm so excited for you Brit! I love Thanksgiving Point! Good luck darling I'm sure you'll be amazing!!!

URFAVE5 said...

Congratulations Brittany! That is awesome! I am so proud of you! I've never been to Thanksgiving Point but it looks like a fabulous place. It also looks like you'll have a very busy job! You will be amazing!

Take Care!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Thanksgiving Point! What a great place to work! My favorite event there is the Tulip Festival and I plan to go again this spring (we missed it last year). I also love The Trellis Cafe and Jim loves the golf. My best friend, Sherrie's, daughter had her wedding reception there years ago, the marriage didn't work out but the reception was TO DIE FOR!! So I bet I know where Brittany will have HER reception!!! Talk about having an "IN". Good Luck to her and a BIG Congratulations, there's nothing like your first "real" job.

Lori said...

Yippee for her!! I think this place is wonderful and if I am in Utah - I'm going there!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a PERFECT can't get any better than that! Sghe deserves it and will be GREAT! I have an appointment with Graydon this week about the Thanksgiving Point race! WOOOHOOO...maybe Britt and I will be CO-workers! :)