Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I hope your Halloween has gone hauntingly well. Ours has been fun, busy, and cold! I got outside early Saturday morning to pull out frozen flowers and get the flower beds ready for winter. It was a good thing because at about 1:00 that afternoon the heavens opened up and it was a hard downpour for the rest of the day and into the night. Our usual 150-200 trick-or-treaters turned into only about 50 brave parents and their shivering little goblins and princesses. I have eaten lots of leftover Kit Kats and M&M's! Here is a rundown of our activities...

Thursday night was the first orchestra concert of the year. At the Jr. High Richard was required to wear a tuxedo shirt with a bow tie and cummerbund. At the high school they add a black jacket to the outfit so I went out and found a sweet deal on a black suit for the boy. I have a little tailoring to do but I think he looks a bit more grown up! He does not look thrilled in this picture but remember, he has "smiling for a  photo" issues!

 Friday brought our ward party, & at home, pumpkin carving and goodies made by moi. Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and caramel apples filled our tummies, well, not everyone's. Some people in this house think this is a good time of year to watch one's weight! Imagine!

Mr. Smirky Pumpkin Face!

Saturday was the Trick-or-treat night of choice in our mostly L.D.S. neighborhood (which kind of stinks for the kids since today, the actual Halloween is sunny and dry!). We always have Mummy Dogs for dinner on Halloween. This year's mummies were very plump!

Richard doesn't go trick-or-treating anymore so he manned the door-answering duties while I rested my achy weed-pulling muscles. Sweet boy! And what did the master do? He graded tests and entered term grades into the computer for his high school students. How would those students feel if they could see him wearing his Russian Army fur hat while doing so? Is his A.P. Government class a dictatorship?

Al Capone showed up with spats on his shoes and all. He would not turn around so I could get his whole outfit. Rude! Since when is a gangster shy?

Then there was the Samwise...freaked out by all of the door knocking, costume wearing kids and the spooky music Brittany likes to play, he tried to hide in the pantry.
If Halloween had lasted any longer I might have joined him!
 to you and yours!


URFAVE5 said...

I have got to make those mummy hot dogs a tradition at our house. Those look so cute! I sure wish I was at your house for those yummy treats. Those carmel apples are my favorite.

Richard sure looks handsome in his suit!

Sarah said...

LOVE the picture of Dad wearing that hat for grading - I need one for when I grade papers too!

Anonymous said...

It just kills me when teenagers go through the "don't let anyone catch me smiling" phase, they all do it and they all have such cute smiles, it's just a shame they get hidden for a few years. I love the mummy dogs and the caramel apples, I think I'm going to make some changes in our traditional Halloween dinner. I love this time of year because the weather gets cooler and it's fun to trick or treat in milder temps but I'm sorry that it was so wet up your way, it's not fun for the little kids to have to cover up their cute costumes with coats, etc. We'll hope for drier weather next year. Cute carved pumpkins, you have talented kids.

Nancy Face said...

PUMPKIN CAKE WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING?!? Oh, how I wish I'd been at your house to get that in my belly! :)

Zach Face had a very similar uniform to Richard's in junior high choir, and now that he's in Westwood's Honor Choir he had to get an entirely new tuxedo ensemble! But the school has a sweet deal with the tuxedo shop...we can rent it for about $70 a year, or we can buy it for twice that much. Since Zach will be wearing his tux for 3 years, we bought it. Whenever he grows out of it they will replace it for the correct size with just a $10 alteration fee. They will even do that shortly before graduation (if he wants to wear it to his senior prom)!

Love the mummy dogs and the smirky pumpkin face! :D