Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~

 I know it is not Tuesday, I know. Yesterday was very busy (you will soon see why). So I am pretending that I woke up on Tuesday morning and all was well. I sat down at my computer and presented you with this...

We don't travel back very far today but it is far enough to tug at my heart! It was October 1995 in Tacoma, Washington where my buddy celebrated his first Halloween. Here is what I like about this photo. Suspenders were "in". Dee had a bunch of them. They are tucked away now, the rainbow ones and the ones with salmon and trout swimming on them too. Will they ever come back? We are ready if they do!
Dee's glasses are big, but not as big as the ones they replaced! So glad that era is over!
I also liked our kitchen in Tacoma. We lived in a home built in 1957 (the same year that the Master and I were born!). It was a mid-century ranch style as they say now. How about that? I am mid-century!
I had a counter top range and a cool double oven. It was handy until it blew up one day. I don't think it was original to the house. The lovely avocado green tells me that! 
Oh, and those nifty fifities cabinets with the copper door handles. They had been nicely sanded and varnished for us and they were solid wood. I miss that house.

 Here is what I love most though. Those cherub cheeks on my little boy! How I miss them! He wasn't a little devil either. He was and is the dearest son a mother could ask for. So dear that when this happened to him in the middle of the night on Monday night...

 ~scroll down~

 ...he did not see the need to wake up his parents! He told us that he knew we needed our sleep and he wasn't hurt so he just changed of of his wet clothes and went down to sleep on the couch...!
It happened at about 4:00 in the morning Tuesday and he came in to tell us at about 6:15 after he heard his father was awake and moving around.
I love him!
I told him that ANY time a ceiling falls in on you it is an emergency that the parents should know about, really...any time!

We had a fierce wind storm on Sunday night and it had torn off all of the shingles and felt paper from that corner of the roof. Of course we didn't find out until the sky fell in on my son. Oh, and he waited two hours to let us know! No Chicken Littles in this house! No sir!

I am thankful it was discovered yesterday because this is what we woke up to today...

So that is why I am a bit late in my posting. I'll fill you in on our insurance adjuster's assessment when she gets here...tomorrow!!!


Lianne Barr said...

What a little trooper Richard is!

I can't believe it's snowing there and it was in the 90s here! (I wish I was there.)

URFAVE5 said...

Good Heavens!!! What a little sweet heart to be more worried about waking his parents than the fact that the ceiling had just crashed in on him. He was so so lucky to be o.k. I can't imagine how frightening that must have been to wake up to the ceiling crashing in on you. What a trooper!

I'm sure glad that you got it taken care of before that snow! You guys really were blessed. It could have so much worse!

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! What a freakish thing to have happen. It makes me want to go out and check our roof, I mean, how does a person know when something like the roof caving in is going to happen?? Bless Richard's heart for being so thoughtful but I must admit, that NEVER would have been me, I would have been screaming as loud as possible. Good Luck with the insurance adjuster and sorry about your summer being over. Our daughter, Kaci, is having a baby either this Monday or next Sunday (I know, don't ask), so we will be up there in all that white stuff soon enough. I was really hoping for the lovely weather to last just a little longer.

Lori said...

What an amazing and sweet young man. I believe it would have been different if it had been me too. I would probably have screamed and assumed that if I was awake everyone in my house and possibly neighborhood should be awake too. You've raised a warrier.