Monday, October 18, 2010

A Touch of Autumn

My stint as a human shishkebab is over.  All that remains are the holes in my finger. They are still quite tender but I will survive. My ego is a bit tender as well. I still feel kind of stupid. The bookshelf sits on the back porch, alone and untouched. I may go out on garbage day and kick it into pieces. That may make me feel better! Then...on to reupholstering the chair. Can I wound myself doing that? (Don't answer that question!)

We had the pleasure of Rachel's company for her fall break from college this weekend.  I love it when she comes home. I get to hug her and be her mommy for a few days. I also get to peek over her shoulder as she works on her art. I am amazed at her talent. It increases every time I get another look. Dee and Richard had fall break as well. My son devoured a new book by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians). He proclaimed The Lost Hero "awesome" and passed it on to Rachel. I must say, she had something to do with his fast read. She kept after him to finish so she could take it back to school and read it herself. She owes him!

Sunday brought a bitter-sweet end to the weekend. It is always hard to say goodbye to my girls and send them off to live their own lives. I miss them so! Dee and I took our turn in the car pool of roommate's parents and took Rachel, Aubrey, and Melissa back to Ephraim. It was a beautiful drive full of vibrant color, scattered sun, and rain drops. I cursed myself for not recharging my camera batteries. Alas, you will have to put up with cell phone photos. For my Arizona friends, this is autumn!

The trees outside of Rachel's apartments.

 My feet, NOT wearing flip flops...sigh!
 The view from my driveway. Our neighbor's trees always get excited for fall. I don't know what kind they are but they drop their leaves first every year. Our maple trees hang on to their leaves until it is way too cold to be outside raking.

What are YOUR trees doing today?


URFAVE5 said...

Beautiful trees. You are so lucky to live somewhere that actually has seasons.

Oh and don't feel dumb about your finger. Accidents happen all the time and what happened to you could have happened to anyone! I'm so proud of you for taking on all the projects that you do. I think your amazing!

Love You,

Helen Ellsworth said...

Marianne; Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I love autumn. There are so many trees here, so you can imagine how beautiful it is. However we have had a very strong cold wind today so the leaves are about gone. Sad. I am tryin g to talk myself into loving winter. Actually I don't mind winter it is just the cold I can't take any longer. Not many years ago the cold didn't bpther me so much. So I always wish I could be back in Bloomfield where it isn't as cold and I still have Daddy to keep me warm. Our winters there weren't quite as severe. I have worked a long time today on a quilt. I finally decided I am not going to get better soon so I just go ahead and do as much as I can and pretend my neck isn't hurting me like #$%^@#! Love you lots Mom