Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~

I haven't done one of these for awhile. It's about time! Especially because I have been given possession of ALL of my mother's precious photos to scan and put on disks for Mom and my siblings. This is an awesome responsibility, not only to finish the job but not to lose the pictures either! I will be glad when it is done and they are back in my mother's hands! The wonderful thing about this project is that I get to see pictures I have not seen in years, and some that I have never seen. I am anxious to share them!

To start things off, how many of you have crept into your children's rooms while they were sleeping and snapped those precious shots of your angels? Even rascally kids look angelic  when they are asleep! My mother is no exception to this practice. In these two photos we see my older siblings during a unique time in my family's life. They (because I had not been born yet) had moved from Mesa, AZ to Chaco, New Mexico. Dad was working for El Paso Natural Gas company. The plant was so far out from Farmington that they lived in company housing. As you can see, things were tight, space-wise! How many teen-aged girls would consent to share a room with two little brothers? Sharon was as sweet as they come and so were Dean and Richard. I am sure this arrangement was not without its' rough spots, but didn't it make for a fun picture?

Dean, about age 10, Richard, about 7, and Sharon about 15. This was right around the time I was born so circa 1957-58. Aren't these boys cute? They are both grandfathers now! I just noticed a jar of Vicks Vapo-rub on the night stand. That was a staple at our house...yuck!

I actually think Mom took this one first because Sharon has shifted in the other photo. I love this shot because she is wearing pin curls! It is also a great little look into a teen girl's life in the 50's. In the corner on the floor is her portable record player. (She could only listen to Elvis on the back porch! Dad couldn't stand the music.) The little dressing table is one that I also had in my room as a girl although by the time it got to me there was no glass top! Notice her shoes. There are the typical saddle shoes of the era along with what appear to be suede loafers and some black heels for Sundays. On the table top there is a bride doll which was trendy then, as well as a set of china cats, mother and kitten. I remember these as well as the cowboy doll hanging on the wall. What would the 50's have been without cowboys and Indians? I am willing to bet that Sharon's children remember these things too. She had them for a long time.

Next week...get ready for a look back at the 1920's!


Annie said...

I love when you share pictures of mom...after she passed I ended up with zero of her except for the ones I'd snapped myself (I'm sorry to say they are few and far between!) Thank you for sharing! PS I love the Sharon apron in your etsy store and she would have too. I'm saving my pennies to buy one!


URFAVE5 said...

I love when you share all these old photos and stories. SO neat. Thanks for sharing!!!

Love You,

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I love these pictures....it is even more fun when you are related to the lovable people in them. I feel like I am in a old movie. How fun!