Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reliving a Great Moment

If you are old enough to remember this horse, if you watched and cheered like my family did, you will LOVE this movie!

Brittany works for Radio Disney out of Salt Lake City (as one of her many jobs!). Tonight was a Special Showing of the new Disney movie "Secretariat" and she was given free passes for our family. We all went
up together, enjoyed watching Britt and the Radio Disney gang go to work with all of the kids in the audience.
They had hula hoop and limbo contests and gave away a lot of t-shirts. Brittany is so cute with the kids. I had fun watching her.

Leading up to tonight's movie, without exception every one of our kids said, "who is Secretariat?" when we asked if they had ever heard of him. I couldn't wait for them to see the movie so they would understand how a whole country could fall in love with a horse! It was such a good movie! I knew Dee would cry at the end. He always cries! Every time Ralph Macchio does that "crane" move at the end of  "Karate Kid", or when the US Olympic hockey team beats the Soviets in "Miracle", or when George Bailey's friends all gather in his living room bringing money to save his business in "It's a Wonderful Life", or when the Jamaican bobsled team lifts their crashed bobsled up and carries it across the finish line in "Cool Runnings", or (and he will deny this one) when Tarzan's ape father Kerchak gets shot dead in Disney's "Tarzan". So...we didn't even make it to the end of the movie! As the Kentucky Derby portion of the movie was at it's climax I felt my theater seat literally vibrating. My sweetheart was openly sobbing! I love him so much!

Jolynn, I am telling you...this movie is for your family! Oh, and all of the rest of you too! It's good, clean, and uplifting. It teaches you to believe in yourself and trust your instincts. It is a classic underdog comes from behind story. Even if you are not an oldie-but-a-goodie like me...take your kids and have some fun learning who Secretariat was!


URFAVE5 said...

I'm so glad that it's as good as it looks. Our family has been eyeing this movie for awhile! We are so excited for it to come out. We have big plans to take Grandpa and Grandma Allred with us to see the movie too.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Love You All,

P.S. I love that Dee cries like that. Him and I would be in great company together. I cry like a baby when I see all of those movies, I cry watching biggest looser seeing these people achieve their goals, I cry watching America's Got Talent seeing these people's dreams come true. I am just a big cry baby!

Coach Dee said...

I wish I could say that my eyes were just watering because they were burning, but that is just not the case. Ever since I was called to be a Bishop I have had my feelings and emotions closely connected to my tear ducts. Every time I see someone doing something great or overcoming great odds I get emotional. The owner of Secretariat over came some great challenges and then the horse showed all of us what it means to have heart and love doing something-running. I cried at all those movies but one Tarzan. I didn't cry over Kerchek. Joylnn if our two families went to this movie together I would bring us clean hankies. I hope you can really enjoy it with your family and parents. I want to see it again and own it when it comes out on dvd.

Coach Dee said...
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Lianne Barr said...

I'll definitely add this movie to my Netflix queue! Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks Marianne for your support and compliments of my photography! It is something that I really enjoy doing. I have a Canon T1i as well as 18-55 mm lens and a 50 mm f1.4 lens. I have my eye on a few more:) There are great books to help you learn more about photography. I really like Bryan Peterson's books and Scott Kelby. Better cameras do help you to have more control over how your pictures turn out, but there is a lot you can learn to take awesome pictures with any camera!

Lori said...

I remember very, very well about Secretariat. I was always afraid (and allergic) to horses, but when the media started talking about this horse, I feel in love and I wanted not only to ride a horse, but I wanted to own a horse. I will go and see this movie and probably buy it when it goes on sale. Doug is a little like Dee - he wears his emotions on his shirt sleeves too. The thing that is a little different with Doug is that his eyes start to water long before the actual official crying parts. He knows it is coming and just lets his emotions take over. Only real men cry.