Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to Throw a Wedding in 8 Days I

September 1, 2010
Mount Timpanogos Temple
American Fork, Utah
A beautiful day for a wedding!!


Steven and Georgena Ellsworth Faria
parents of the groom!

After the ceremony, in which the father of the groom shed more tears than his mother, members of the Faria, Ellsworth, Loose,  and Shaver families await the the first sighting of the bride and groom.

Dee Loose (texting his father about BYU sports, no doubt!) with son-in-law Nick 
and daughter Diana Mowes. Uncle and cousin of the groom.

A cool spot in the shade for wrapping bouquets, fresh out of the water, with their ribbons.
Allison & Emily Faria, sisters of the groom, Mom Gena, Grandmother Bette Faria, and Brittany Loose, cousin of the groom.

Jalyn Black Bertagnolli, cousin, and Helen Ellsworth, Grandmother of the groom.

Isn't my little sister GORGEOUS?!

Who's this guy with the goofy grin?
Oh! That's my boy Richard, cousin of the groom
 and his
best Wii buddy!

Emy and Ally watch their mother craft a lovely bouquet for the bride.

Best Man Christopher Faria helps Britt with a flower.

Was all of the waiting worth it?
Judge for yourselves!

May I present the new
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Anthon Faria!!!
Sarah Ann Shaver Faria & her handsome groom!

When they were pronounced "man & wife"
and the officiator told Michael to kiss his new bride,
Michael did so. Brother Durrant the scolded Michael with, "Can't you do any better than that?!"
I think they will be practicing a lot!

My adorable nephew and his sweet wife. She is perfect for him in every way!

Gena helps Michael with his boutonniere.

Emily hugs her brother.

Sarah and her brother pose. It gave me the perfect view of her lovely gown.

Emily and Allison help their new sister with her train.

Tony & Bette, Allison, Steve, Sarah & Michael, Gena, Helen, Emily, & Christopher!

Tomorrow I will share some reception photos.
I didn't know so many people could dance so well!


Abbie said...

Marianne, was it George Durrant or Olani Durrant? Olani is my grandpa (he sealed me and TC) and George is his uncle (so my great great uncle? no idea...). Anywho, so fun!! Congrats to them!!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a beautiful day! How fun to celebrate with so many loved ones. I wish we could have been there. Everyone looks fabulous and SO happy!
Love and miss you all!

Nancy Face said...

Oh, such wonderful wedding pictures! I enjoyed every one of them! :)

URFAVE5 said...

I got all teary eyed. They look just beautiful and so happy! Everyone looked gorgeous as ever and so happy.

Thank you so much for sharing with us. I can't wait to see the reception photos.

Love and Miss You All!

Bryan and Lyndsey said...

Wow, that wedding was beautiful. I am very proud of my cute little cousin. You always have the best blogs. I am now back to posting my blogs too. Where are the dancing pictures???

Dorie said...

Aww beautiful pics Marianne!! And yes, I did receive your package. Can't thank you enough :) I plan to blog about it soon!

Anonymous said...

What a busy few days you all have had but it looks like it was ALL worth it...a beautiful couple, a beautiful day, a beautiful temple...what could be better! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Tell Gena this is definitely blog-worthy!