Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guess Who is Getting Married?!

Michael Faria & Diana Loose spring 1987

How the years pass! This November our Diana will have been married for three years. One of her best buds from birth has been her cousin Michael. This coming Wednesday at 3:00 in the afternoon Michael is getting married to Miss Sarah Shaver!

The little house on the corner is full of family and bursting at the seams. My sister Gena (mother of the groom) arrived yesterday from Denver with Emily, Allison, and my mother Helen. Cousin Charlie the schnauzer came too!
Steven flew in this morning from El Paso. He has been working in
Carlsbad, New Mexico at a contract job.
Chris joined us from Provo last night along with Diana, Nick and bride-to-be Sarah!
The groom arrives tomorrow early from Fort Sam Houston.

Here is how it has gone down...

Last fall Michael meets Sarah in Salt Lake.
Michael was living with us at the time and he was so good at keeping secrets! He never told us he was dating anyone. He was just "hanging out with friends..."

Michael falls in love with Sarah.
Michael buys a ring and brings it home to show me.
I say, "WHAT???"
Michael takes Sarah home to Denver to meet the family.
Check out the story of the surprise proposal here.

Michael goes to boot camp in South Carolina.
Michael graduates from boot camp and goes to San Antonio for Specialist training.
Sarah patiently waits in Salt Lake City to find out when he can get leave so she can plan a wedding.
Sarah buys a wedding dress and some for bride's maids too.
Sarah waits.
Michael waits
Anxious mothers wait!!!

Michael calls Sarah last week early and tells her the army has given him leave for the following week. Does she want to get married on September 1st?
What? That is only 8 days away! Like any anxious fiance with a wedding to plan she does the only thing she can do...she says, "Yes!"

The last week has been a bustle of activity.
Sarah has been blessed to find a place for the reception, Noah's in Lindon.
That is where we had Diana and Nick's reception. She got such a deal! The main room and garden for way less than our middle sized room cost 3 years ago!
She has a cake, flowers, and a photographer already too!
I told her she is truly being blessed.
She is amazingly calm about the whole thing.
Her family arrives from the east coast tomorrow too, so with them and Michael here it will all start to feel real!

I will post photos of the big day later this week! Until then wish us all luck! I still have 8 table cloths to hem for the bride!


URFAVE5 said...

I am SO SO SO GLAD to finally get an update of what was going on. We got the wedding annoucement yesterday or maybe it was Friday and I was a little shocked that we hadn't heard anything about this coming up so soon. Now reading your post explains it all. Thank you so much for the update! I beg beg you to never quit blogging because this is how we hear everything. Dad seldom mentions much of anything and when my Mom does it always ancient history. So thank you again for keeping up on the know.

Man this is a fun and exciting week. I wish I was there. I love these times like these.

Please send everyone my best wishes and give everyone big hugs and kisses from all of us.

I'll be patiently waiting for all the wedding pictures and the details of how it all went.

Enjoy the festivities!

Lots of Love,

Lori said...

Boy exciting isn't the word ~ more like crazy! A week and a day to plan a wedding. So sad that the Army couldn't give them a little more time, like a wedding gift. Congrats Michael & Sarah!!