Friday, August 27, 2010

Beanstalk Update

Remember this guy? This milk weed of great determination? It started growing in one of our window wells and after it got so tall I didn't have the heart to kill it...WHAT??? Not kill a weed? My Dad is rolling over, I just know it! In July it was roughly 8 feet tall. The window well is three feet deep.

Last night Diana helped me hold the weed up so I could take a photo before I sent it to weed heaven.
As you can see, it only grew about 6 more inches but got very bushy at the top.
It has been laying over from it's own weight for several weeks.
(This was a good thing because then you couldn't see it from the street!)

What have we learned from our experiment?

#1 Weeds are ugly.

#2 Weeds grow faster than flowers.

#3 Weeds only grow so tall. No giants coming down from our beanstalk here! No Fe Fi Fo Fum. Bummer!

#4  And family thinks I am a little nuts!

But YOU don't, do you?


Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed reading your previous post about school days, I thought I looked everyday but today when I checked there were TWO new posts. So I missed praying for you and Richard but I will step it up and pray now. I hope his week is going good so far and I hope you're not at home pacing the floor (I remember having a few first days like that). School is challenging under the best of circumstances, kids are cruel and it makes me furious, so my heart aches for Richard (and you, almost more for you). Anyway, I really loved seeing all of your first day photos. Some day I will go through my boxes and boxes of old pictures and organize them and maybe there will be some cute first day of school shots that I can share. My family photo situation is a crime, our girls were so cute when they were little and I know I have pictures of everything they did but they are all just in boxes. You are an inspiration to me, maybe I'll get with it and organize them this Fall. Thanks for sharing. P.S. That is some weed!!

URFAVE5 said...

Wow that is some weed!


P.S. No your not nuts at all!

Lori said...
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Lori said...

Gone to weed heaven - sad, huh? Maybe your Dad did have something to say about this after all . . . I mean how many weeds actually do fall down from their own weight? Not very many ~ that's what makes them so obnoxious. I bet Uncle George thought that you were never going to get around to pulling that darn thing and decided to get it out of the view of others. Thanks for sharing your experiment Marianne and thanks Uncle George for getting rid of it.