Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to Throw a Wedding in 8 Days II

September 1, 2010
6:00 p.m.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Faria
have a party!

The setting..."Noah's" in Lindon, Utah. (I hear Noah's has built a lovely new facility in Chandler, AZ. You should check them out!) We held Diana and Nick's reception at Noah's and it was lovely. Sarah was blessed to be able to book with them only 6 days out!

The Faria family!
Allison, Emily, Steve, Michael, Gena, & Chris.

As we venture inside may I apologize for the yellow tone and the blurry pictures.
I could not find the right setting on my camera to save my life!

My mother makes a quilt and pillow shams for each of her grandchildren upon their marriages.
Several years back she admitted that she might be "getting up there" in years and began making them ahead of time. Last summer she got to Michael's quilt and these are the colors he chose. Very earthy and restful.

Sarah & Michael had a thumb war while they waited for the music to start for their first dance!

The bride was quite the dancer. The groom? Not so much!

Looks like the party is winding down...

People are wandering outside. This cannot lead to any good!

Between Sarah's brothers and Nick & Diana the car was decked out and ready to roll!

If you would like to see the bride and groom make their escape you will have to implore my sister to post some photos. He camera was working well outside and she got some very cute shots!

As I type this it is Sunday morning. Michael and Sarah have spent the last few days in Park city on their honeymoon. Later this morning Sarah will know what it is like to be a military wife and take her brand new husband to the airport. His leave is over tonight and he must be back at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. (I know, I am teary-eyed just thinking about it!)
He will be reporting to Fort Huachuca, Arizona soon and will go through 9 weeks of training to become a controller of remote controlled drone airplanes that patrol the borders in Iraq. The controlling is all done here in the states so at least he won't have to go over there.I am pretty sure she can join him then. I hope so!


URFAVE5 said...

The pictures were just great! I loved them. Thanks for sharing! It looks like it was just beautiful.

I am just sick that Sarah has to say good bye to her new husband! That is so sad! Will they be apart for 9 weeks? I hope not that is way too long!

Love You All!
Take Care,

Marianne said...

Sarah came straight from the airport to our house. Her family had flown out earier for Virginia. She was brave but soon the tears flowed and she and Gena spent a lot of time alone together in the living room. After that we all watched a fun movie together, ate barbecued ribs, played cards, and ate Dee's blackberry pie well into the night. She was smiling and laughing. How can you not, with this bunch? I am not sure if she can join him in AZ. It's not in the plans right now. :(

Nancy Face said...

Yay, such fun and happy pictures! I love the beautiful cake! :)

Lianne Barr said...

Hi Marianne!! You have a good eye for composition! You should take a photography class! The coolest thing about it these days is that you can take amazing classes online from home. I have done both, community college course, and several online workshops - and I love the online workshops better. I feel like I get more personal attention there than in a classroom. There are some great books too, I really like Bryan Petersons books. I really love learning and growing in photography~ I think you would too:)