Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~

OH What do YOU do in the summertime?
The Ellsworth famliy had one place they always visited. Every summer we took the long drive from Mesa up to the Four Corners area to visit lots of Hamblin relatives in Farmington and Bloomfield, New Mexico. My mother's older sister Fern and her husband, my beloved Uncle Smitty owned a cabin a short distance away in the LaPlata Mts. near Durango, Colorado. I found three photos from what was my very first trip there in the summer of 1958.

Here is my sweet Dad, George holding me, and my big sis Sharon who was 15.
In the background is the "old cabin". Years later they purchased a larger, 2-story one. I remember this one in particular because it was in those walls I had to use a chamber pot, no kidding, for the first time. My mother did not want to walk little me out to the outhouse in the dark! Even at age three I was disgusted!
I love Sharon's double cuffed jeans and that hat...not sure where she got that. It kind of looks like a Disneyland something-or-other!

Aww...aren't I sweet? Look at that vintage walker I am in! It is SO not safety friendly these days.
It's a miracle any of us survived childhood!
Just over my shoulder was an ice cold stream where we kept our milk cartons in a wire cage so they would stay cool and not be stolen by raccoons or washed away. I also remember being asked to turn watermelons over so they would get cold all the way through.

Last of all, what better way to spend a summer afternoon than napping 
 in the shade of pines and aspens in the Rocky Mountains?
Sharon is spread out on an old sleeping bag I remember. I love her head scarf!
These old cabins were about as rustic as I like to get but there are so many good memoires there!
What kinds of memories am I making for my last child at home? I guess we had better head up one of our many canyons here more often and go hiking.
Diana, will you be our guide?


Diana said...

Deal! We'll start with Bridal Veil, then Stewart Falls, then proceed to the Y, and if we're lucky, end it all with Timp!

URFAVE5 said...

Oh what fun memories! I wonder if I'm making any real memories with my kids. Hmmm...something to think about!

Thanks for sharing!

Love Ya,

Annie said...

I love love love those pictures. I totally remember going to that cabin as a kid and having to sleep in the attic! IT was low ceilinged and I was scared to death! Thanks for sharing so many sweet memories of my Mom. It makes me feel just a little closer to her!