Friday, July 23, 2010

Of Monster Cookies and Beanstalks...

Summer is in full swing at the little house on the corner.
Here are a few shots of what has been going on.

Monster cookies!
Britt and Sarah G. wanted to make cookies to take to friends. They used a recipe I got from a friend years ago. Monster cookies are made with no flour. They contain oats, peanut butter, brown sugar, cornsyrup, and lots of M&M's and chocolate chips. They cook into chewy wonderfulness! Miss B got the idea that the recipe wouldn't make many so she doubled it...
As you can see, even my KitchenAide wasn't big enough! They had to use their hands. We were eating those things for a week!
I love the swirly action in this shot!
Sam loved cleaning Britt's hands! (I promise she washed them before continuing!)

I have said it before...I am so thankful for Skype!
I love being able to see an hear my daughter so far away! Sarah is currently suffering the heat and humidity of Florence, Italy doing research for her doctoral thesis as well as some for a professor she knows at the University of Toronto. I say "suffering" lightly because while it is indeed  in the 90's with 50% or more humidity levels, she gets to go and visit Michelangelo's David for me...which she did yesterday...jealous!!!!! I also love Skype because I can whip out my camera and torment her by taking her picture and she can see me doing it!

And speaking of Beanstalks...we were weren't we?
This, my friends, is a 2.5 foot deep window well on the south side of our house where, unbeknownst to us, a natural phenomenon has been taking place.

Fee Fi Fo Fum!
I think it is a milkweed or maybe a dandelion out of control, but any day I expect a giant to come lumbering into our house. I guess I had better hide my golden harp, or is it the goose that lays the golden eggs? Either way, I'm hiding them!
This is so unlike me to let this guy keep growing but I can't help myself!
I'll post another picture next week to chart his progress. I am guessing his height is currently about 8 feet!
P.S. These orange Day Lilies came from some starts my Dad gave us 10 years ago! I a so happy to see them every year. It's a beautiful piece of my father, a gift from him that lives on!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute post, Marianne. OK, so I thought the cookie dough was a new puppy (at first glance). I have never used Skype but I've heard it's wonderful when communicating when you have loved ones far away and you definitely fit into that category. Sounds like Sarah is having a wonderful summer. I LOVE the beanstalk, we've had those from time to time and finally I can't stand it another minute and yank it out of the ground. I also LOVE the thought of you having flowers that came from your dad. We dug up a beautiful calle lilly plant from Jim's mother's yard when she died and brought it to St. George. The heat killed it and I'm so sad. We should have brought it to your yard (we didn't know you then, however), it could have been beautiful and LIVED!

Lori said...

Those cookies look yummy - past the recipe around sista! I love the weed - I mean beanstock. Let it keep growing so we can see just how tall a weed will grow before it dies on it's own - I think it will go well beyond 10 feet tall. Love, love the lilies, but knowing your Daddy I would suspect that he is wondering why his beautiful flowers have to share space with a weed - ha!

URFAVE5 said...

Those cookies look divine. I'm currently (and I do say currently-hopefully I can stick with it) on a diet. I've lost 5 pounds and would love to get another 8 off. At any rate those cookies look absolutely divine!

I also love your flowers. Reading thing like this about Grandpa make me sure miss that guy! What a wonderful sweet man!

Love You All!

P.S. I've heard lots of great things about Skype too!