Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Good. The Bad, & The Ugly

Life has been slow for a change...I suppose that is a good thing, except that it leaves little to blog about! I have no darling babies anymore and no darling grandbabies yet so that leaves the silly antics of my dog and the occasionally unique day??

So here are a few Good, Bad, & Ugly things that have happened at the little house on the corner lately!


Richard turned 15 and blew out all of those candles in one breath!

He is not eating this book but might as well be! He is devouring the Fablehaven series this summer!
This may have been his favorite gift, other than his new bike!

My attempt at festive July 4th finery...Solo cups and plates. But we had fun!

Also good was our red, white, & blue dessert of homemade ice cream and berries. YUM!

Finally, I think Sam was a really good boy to let this silly octopus sit on his head for any length of time. He is really growing patient. Time was he would have had all of the legs torn off
before I could have snapped this photo!

Nothing's worse that a power outage at dinner time! This one lasted about five hours too!
Thankfully, Dee & I were just leaving a movie & called the kids in time to find out. We brought home a pizza to appease the hungry troops!
Britt went a little candle-crazy...
OK, so having no power did have a GOOD result....more family time! We did silly things
like build houses of cards
and play games.

Every July our swim club hosts the Red, White, and Blue Invitational swim meet.
The team comes up with a fun or motivational T-shirt for the meet.
Here we have Ally N. modeling this year's shirt. The kids wore them proudly all weekend!
In case you can't read this it says, "I swim for an evil mutant swim coach".

The BAD part of this?? I have to be married to the mutant!!
If only he didn't try to kill them with his workouts!

Sunday night Evil Mutant Husband was seated in the front room talking to his father on the phone when out of nowhere a Jack Rascal Terrorist appeared and stole away his slipper!
Bad Boy! (but cute!)

and finally...

Here we have our $30 yard sale find. An very ugly early 90's vintage desk. Ugly yes, sturdy and oak YES!
I have been inspired by many a blogger lately. My men sanded it for me, Richard and I painted, and it is awaiting some awesome drawer handles to help it spring forward two decades.
The result is soon to be revealed!


URFAVE5 said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Richard! Our boys are getting so old (kind of makes me sad!) It looks like you had a beautiful and yummy 4th of July. I love how close you all are and I hope my little family always stays close like that! I loved the Dee's swim t-shirts. I wish I had one (even though he's not my coach:) I just like that I know him:) I am also looking forward to seeing your finished desk project!

We love you all!


Abbie said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out!! Let me know, I've been wanting to be crafty like that for a while now :)

Lori said...

I can't wait to see the "new" desk. I never thought I would say this, but I am in love with your terrorist! Sam is so dang cute.

Anonymous said...

There sure seems to be a lot going in your "slow" life! I love the red, white and blue dessert and the cute swim club t-shirts...I'll bet Dee wears his with PRIDE. Happy Birthday to Richard, the cake looks YUMMY (can you tell I'm trying to diet?) Finally, I can't wait to see the finished desk project, it looks really good already.

Nancy Face said...

I love this post!

My favorite things: the homemade ice cream, the octopus on Sam's head, and those Evil Mutant Swim Coach t-shirts! :D