Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time Travel Tuesdays~

Time Warp. That's what I am in. I still fell pretty crummy but hopefully it will pass. I have either taken meds that made me sleep all night and all day yesterday, or I was awake at 4:00 this morning and came downstairs and got on Facebook...or both!

I have had lots of time to think lately, about lots of things, mainly my little girls who are all grown up! This photo show my oldest three in 1987. Sarah was the proud 7 year old big sister taking care of her baby Diana. Brittany was four years old and so enamoured with her Sarah (and just beginning to feel displaced by the baby!) The big girls are wearing their new spring dresses from JoLene's. They loved these dresses because they were great for twirling in! Diana is in her little white blessing dress. How I miss these little girls, but how I love the women they have become!

 My Sarah has taken flight again. This time she is working in Florence, Italy for the next few weeks doing research for a professor friend before she heads to Siena and more of her own research. She has always been so brave, wanting to try new things and have adventures from the time she was small. How I wish I could tuck myself into her suitcase for one of these Italy excursions! She is currently writing her blog again and you can follow along here!

 Brittany is actively looking for full time employment now that her degree is finished. She is so vibrant and excited about what she has learned and anxious to put it to work! It 's not the greatest time to find a job but hopefully she can take her time and get just the right position. When she moves away I want her to be secure and have a great life! She updates her "Blahhhhhh-g" now and then and always has fun insights.

Diana is going through a difficult transition right now. She has graduated from school and is now experiencing the "Army Wife" life. Her sweetheart is away for a month of training at Ft. Lewis, Washington, literally miles from where she grew up! She misses him terribly and wrote the sweetest post the day he left. It made her Momma cry! Her blog is private but if you would like to follow her adventures she would welcome you! Contact her at  Diana.Mowes@gmail.com and she can put you on her list!

I miss my little girls indeed, but I hope they keep having wonderful adventures!

Twirl on my girlies...twirl on!!


URFAVE5 said...

That is so sweet! I love these girls. I didn't really know them when they were really little but I sure have enjoyed watching them grow from teenage girls to women. What remarkable women they all are! I hope my kiddos grow up to be as sweet as your kiddos all have.

We love you! Hang in there and take care!


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I love the two beautiful toe heads and then Diana shows up all dark and gorgeous!...still the same today!
How fun to have such amazing girls...ALL of them. There is something to say about being a mother to daughters...no matter how many!


They are so pretty and they still are.I appreciate them and their good examples to me.