Sunday, July 4, 2010

Down and Out

I do not know what is in the air. Something is amiss in the Little House on the Corner! The two members of this household with anxiety disorder have both decided to take a big back step recently. Richard is generally happy and is really into some big summer reading. However, bedtime really has been hard. He is 15 years old, it's not that he is afraid of going to bed but his OCD acts up at night. It puts distressing thoughts into his mind and he has a hard time. This makes his anxiety level go up which, in turn, makes mine go up! I have other things I am struggling with too but yeah, that's pretty much it...I am anxious. I have so many fun projects to do waiting in the wings and I wake up every day with the intent of getting them started but this disorder, when it is acting up, makes it very difficult to focus on any one thing. Consequently, I get to the end of each day and ask myself what the heck I have accomplished! Thus...guilt!

I stayed in bed this morning. I needed it. I do not feel guilty about it...much! A few prayers sent our way would be very welcome. I love you all!


URFAVE5 said...

I'm so sorry to hear this all! I can totally relate to the bedtime troubles with Richard. I know I have mentioned it to you before in a very legnthy email but this lady and friend of ours, really helped Conner with his sleep issues and axieties and has helped many of our friends and people in our ward. If you are interested in at least calling her and talking with her I would love to give you her number.

We will be praying for you! Good luck! We love you all!

Take Care,

Lori said...

So glad you got to stay in bed a little. I do the same thing you do. I have lists: lists in my head, lists on paper, lists on my computer, lists, lists, lists and yet at the end of the day I get so dang frustrated because I have nothing concrete checked off my list. I started putting stuff on my list that I just knew I could achieve. For example: brush your teeth. Stupid, but I was going crazy with the lack of appreciation and sense of accomplishment and I needed to do something. I've started limiting my lists to only 8 items and nothing new can be added to the lists until at least 4 items are checked off. It's kind of working.

I have to tell you that your backyard is gorgeous . . . seriously! I love the fresh clean look and the flowers are beautiful.