Sunday, April 4, 2010

Escape From Winter

It rained and snowed at my house last week. It went on for days! "Please, just let spring come," I would think over and over. Silly me! This is spring! Springtime in the Rockies that is!

Dee and I had a delightful journey southward on Friday. It was decided last summer over this luncheon that three men would be partners in the Sand Hollow Triathlon. They would each do one leg of the event. My Sweetie would do the swimming, Jim Little would be the biker, and my nephew Brent Ellsworth would be the runner. (Jim is Brent's father-in-law)

As we drove south on Friday afternoon the temperatures gradually warmed until we hit a high of 63 degrees! We were in heaven as we stepped out of the car at the SHAC (Sand Hollow Aquatic Center) and felt no need for a sweater or jacket! After the men signed in for the race to be held the next morning, Brent and Kami took us to their house to unload our bags. We then went out to a wonderful meal at "Samurai Steak" (I think that is right!). I had salmon and chicken...yum! I did not, however, catch the shrimp tossed at me by our cook. I am 0 for 3 in those attempts!

Saturday morning came awfully early for the racers! They were at to pool by 6:15 to get a good place in line.

It was a beautiful morning! I just loved the red rock surroundings
and the snow far away in the distance!

Here is Dee getting things started. He has great form (he'd better, seeing as how he teaches it daily). He was the only swimmer I saw doing something so simple as a flip turn!
Notice the long line of waiting swimmers? It went on and on!
Here is Jim coming in from his leg to hand off to Brent. He had the displeasure of having his gear shift break on the first hill and did the whole thing in low gear!

Brent heads in for a big finish!
Here is our fantastic team glad to be done!

They headed to the food table to get some nourishment after their heroic efforts.
My Sweeetie chose healthy Craisins and Strawberries...

Brent, being a true Ellsworth chose the traditional family food.
NO Ellsworth gathering is complete without!

We drove home later that day after some fun time with Brent and Kami. I shall post about that later. After being back in the cold north land for a few hours Dee checked the race results online. I heard him yelling my name as he ran upstairs to proudly tell me that our guys, our team, our TRIPLE THREAT had taken 3rd place in the partner division!! Dee, who was worried that his feet had gone numb waiting for his turn on that cold pool deck, Jim who pulled it out with his super legs in first gear, and Brent with shin splints all week!
Great job men! The women in your lives are proud of you!


Kori said...

It was really nice to meet you this weekend. I will try and post some of my pictures from the triathlon this week... I can't promise I won't post the butt shot... If you ever move down here, I am going to hire Dee to teach me to swim. I could use some serious help!

Anonymous said...

It was such a fun weekend and made all the MORE fun because you and Dee were here to join us. I think the men were a GREAT team, certainly one of the very best! I really think St. George is "the place" for the Loose Family to live. Thanks for making the trip south, I hope you will do it again soon when you can stay longer...oh and btw, you looked beautiful even without makeup.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

We are very proud!! They did a great job. I just loved watching them...but I loved it even more when they were all finished, with no injuries. Pheeew what a stressful event for me!
I am so glad you both were able to come down. we loved having you and hope you come back soon!!

URFAVE5 said...

I am so proud of them! That is just awesome! I wish that we could have been there to cheer them on and support them! I'm glad that they did so well and that you guys had such a great time together.

Love You All,

Lori said...

Wow that is just amazing and I bet you were just beaming!

Abbie said...

Ya Dee!!! And you're right, he does have great form! :) Teece and I were in George this past weekend too! Too bad we didn't run into each other. :(

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Such pretty pictures!!