Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy, Busy

Where have I been since the last post and the flu? Right here. I haven't had much to say nor was there much noteworthy stuff going on in the old hacienda. But I have been busy. I'll show you!

Britt kept me busy making Pumpkin Princess wands for Pumpkin Princess Land at Cornbelly's. There was glitter in my hair, on my face, all over the dining room and covering the dog for days and days! They sold really well and I will be paid a fair wage soon.

(This actually happened before the flu but I thought I'd share) For the last two summers our little city has been torn up and patched back together in a very ugly way. We all have pressurized irrigation water lines installed now. We can use this water outside for lawns and gardens instead of the more expensive culinary water. We are all supposed to be happy about this but we are all more happy that they are DONE! We lived with a trench down the middle of our street for about two weeks and learned which road was the best one to take this week where we were least likely to run into a 'Road Closed" sign! I only had to park away from my house and hike in three times so I guess it could have been worse?

We live on a corner so we got it twice!
Attaching the line into our front yard.
The driveway blocked AGAIN!

Oh! Did I say we got it twice? Make that three times..our corner plus the street that curves right in front of our house!!
Ahhh, the sweet sound of air brakes, diesel engines, jack hammers, and dumptrucks to make a fall morning so delightful!

I have been especially busy running outside taking photos of this gorgeous place I live!

The moon over Mt. Timpanogos one morning.

An October afternoon. This was a full double rainbow! Alas, no pot of gold!
A sight I love.

The south side of our house, fall colors, amazing Mt.Timp. after and early October snow, and our gorgeous streets once the city was finished with them.
Two of our maple trees.
My pretty drive to the grocery store!

Sunset shining on the east, from our back yard.

An amazing cloud one afternoon!
Good night sunshine.

And finally, a favorite treat around here...yummy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!


Abbie said...

Ah, I miss that neighborhood. I think its seriously the best place to live in AF. Love you!

URFAVE5 said...

I'm so glad to hear from you. I've been thinking about you and hoping that you were doing o.k. That flu can be a killer!

I can't believe all that road work around you place. That is aweful! I'm so glad that it is all finished. You seioiusly live in a great place. I love all that it really looks like fall there. Your town/city looks so peaceful and pleasant!

I hope you are guys are doing good and have a Happy Halloween! Those wands look darling. We for sure would have bought one for Miss Brilynn!

Love You,

URFAVE5 said...

Oh yeah, can I get your pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe? Those look very yummy!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the beautiful sights of Northern Utah, I love the Autumn up there. Sorry for all the street work in your neighborhood, I am happy that people have jobs to do, however. Once all that stimulus money became available, the streets of St. George were all torn up too. I love the little pumpkin wands, what a great little Halloween gift, I hope you made some for yourself too. Glad you're feeling better, I guess this flu is brutal, some of the girls in my college ward have ended up in the hospital. Take care of germs allowed!

Lori said...

Oh my goodness. Those pictures were so pretty!! I especially love the one with the line of colored trees and the mountain. There is something about seeing a beautiful mountain, cloud and sunset that just gently reminds you that there is someone else in charge of this place. And pumpkin chocolate chip cookies??!!! I haven't had a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie forever!! Those are my favorite.

Nancy Face said...

The wands turned out so cute! :)

Road construction is SUCH a pain, especially in the neighborhood, but that is a FANTASTIC idea...using non-potable water for the yard! I'm so impressed!

Your outdoor pictures are beautiful!