Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin Creativity!!

All of my little Trick-or-treaters have grown up! (Frowny face!) However, the gang still had fun carving Jack-o-lanterns together on Friday night.

Brittany got things started by bringing home the prettiest pumpkins from Cornbelly's! They were fat, deep orange, and full of possibilities! Thanks Britt!

First you cut off the hat...

...then you clean out the ooey-gooey guts (and the dog if there is one in there).

Add in your artistic cousin Michael and his artist's hair-do and you can't go wrong!

Combine Rachel home from college for the weekend and her bestest friend Sarah S. and you have 30 minutes of indecision. "What do you think we should do?" I dunno, what do YOU want to make?"

They finally hit upon an idea, sketched it out, and got to work!

My very-clean-Richard's solution to getting your hands in that yucky mess!

Diana and Sam steered clear of the swinging knives and pumpkin goo.

Richard's creation is nearly complete!

Our creepy front door. Too bad you cant hear Britt's Halloween mix playing behind the bushes. It scared more than one little goblin!

Micheal's Flapjack face! (Think Cartoon Network)

Richard's Batman pumpkin. I saw it and said "Oh! You put an L on it for our last name!" He said, "No's a J for Joker." Duh! It's on the back!

That project Sarah and Rachel worked on for so long? The Phantom of the Opera! Pretty cool!

Miss Britt's Hooty Owl and I guess the little guy's afraid of him. I would be too!

Welcome to our haunted castle....

The aftermath...
...lots of uncarved pumpkins for November decor!! There be pumpkin smashers in the hood. We have to hide them out for a few days in the back yard.

Hope you had a fun Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Geez, what a creative and talented family you have. The pumpkins are so cute and they look especially cute on the steps leading up to your front door. I'll bet the trick-or-treaters loved them. There really is life after costumes and face painting and school parties!

Lianne Barr said...

You do such fun things for Halloween! And you do live in such a beautiful place! In Florida, our Jack o Lanterns only survive for about 2 days, so it's almost not worth it to spend to much time on them. We tried to make our live longer by bringing it inside during the day, didn't help much. Oh well.

Abbie said...

I think Richard was the smart one! Who wants to touch the yucky pumpkin guts?! It sounds like you had fun! Love ya!

URFAVE5 said...

SO this is where Conner gets his great creativity from? All of the pumpkins are darling! Glad you guys had a fun Halloween.

Lori said...

Way cute. Every year when we go to get our Halloween pumpkin I always have to remind Doug that I want one that will not be "murdered" at Halloween, but that I can have for Thanksgiving to look at, admire and mix in with the Thanksgiving decor. I pick the one that will be the Thanksgiving one and every year he grabs it and murders it because he forgets which one is which. Ugh!

Edwin & Tamara said...

My goodness you guys went all out for halloween Looks good :)

Nancy Face said...

I love all the fantastic pumpkin designs, and your front door looks awesome! :)

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

how fun! we didn't carve pumpkins this year and now seeing this, i'm kind of sad. glad i could enjoy your night and your pumpkins with you:)