Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today I am Thankful

My dearest blessings!

Life is good in spite of ailments, annoyances, struggles, and a lot of work...Life is GOOD!

I have a sweet family and I am thankful today for my dear daughters and wonderful son. They never fail to put their arms around me and show me their love.

Sarah loves and encourages me over the phone lines and by Email. She tells me I am wonderful and funny and cute. (I feel the same way about her!) She is living proof that an young inexperienced mother can succeed in raising good and decent children. She is a marvelous woman and I am proud of her!

Brittany is present every day in my life. She hugs and uplifts me. She tells me I am a good mother. She tells me she couldn't get along without me. She has the great gift of being able to comfort others and be a friend. She has blessed me with this gift many times in recent months. Someday her life will take her out of my home and perhaps far away. When that day comes I will miss her. My heart will hurt.

Diana calls me while she is walking all over BYU's campus, out of breath but almost always upbeat. "Just checking in to see how your day is going!" she'll say. When she comes into my home for a visit she always comes right to me and throws her arms around me. She is such a good wife to Nick and I am very proud of her! Last night we cuddled on the couch while our menfolk played an endless game of Dr. Mario. She tried to teach me to play "Diner Dash" on her cell phone but she had to take over...too nerve wracking for me! She has grown into a lovely woman and is a positive, bright spot of joy for me!

Rachel is a delight. She has always been close to me, never wanting to be alone in the apartment or house as a small child she was my shadow. Now she spreads her loves over her cute group of friends, ever concerned for their happiness and welfare. I'll gladly share her with them because she is a joy to all she meets. Her talents are amazing and will take her far and wide in her life. She is looking forward to going away for college next fall and I will miss her!

Richard cannot enter or leave a room without telling me he loves me sincerely. He kisses my head and snuggles with me and always asks me how I slept or how my day has gone. He asks what he can do to help me and always comes through! He likes to talk about the news and the issues of the day and sounds more like his father every day. I love him dearly!

I have struggled this week to be happy. These are some stressful times we are in and our indiviual circumstances are difficult right now. The love of my children, however, always pulls me through. My family is what gets me out of bed every day. They keep me focused on what is most important in life and I am thankful for the blessing of being among them on this Earth!


Anonymous said...

You are a blessed woman! Nothing is better than having good kids. I'm sorry you've had a difficult week, I know it's easy for me to say...but things will get better, they always do. Hang in there and have faith. It's a great idea to focus on the things that make us happy and you did just that in this wonderful post. Thanks for sharing the loves of your life with us.

Helen Ellsworth said...

Marianne; I just read your post from yesterday. I had to struggle to keep from crying. My sweet girl having such a rough time and me not knowing or being there to help a little. I hate this feeling that is all around us these days. "Dooms Day" is a good name for it
I love all your kids too. You have a wonderful family and you have been a good example to them. Tell them all how much Grandma loves them and appreciates them for being good to you. You are very special to me.. See you at Christmas time.
Love to all of you. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Marianne, I'm always confused about how to answer questions asked in the comment section. I don't know if I should answer it under the question on my own blog or go to the blog of the person who asked the question (in this case, you). I am choosing to answer your question on your blog but let me know what you think is the "right" way to do it. OK, having said all that...I got my rice cooker at Target, I don't think it cost very much. It is a cool touch AROMA (brand name), I really love it!! Unfortunately I'm not eating rice lately because of my "Blake Diet" but I'm sure I'll get back to it one day. Sorry you couldn't join us for the game on Saturday, I was standing next to Brent when he called you, honestly that guy!! He really knows how to twist the knife, doesn't he? It was a great game and an absolutely beautiful day! We'll get together some day, I hope.

Lori said...

Oh your post is so much better than mine. Mine is scary and stupid and yours is wonderful and uplifting. What wonderful children you have and I hope you know that they may have come to you that way, but the influences and love that they got from you is the reason they such great people. I hope your struggles will be small and limited and that you and your family will be okay. These are stressful times, but how grateful we are to have the Lord on our side. Hang in there!

URFAVE5 said...

I am so thankful for your sweet kids too! By having these blogs I feel like I have gotten to know them all of them so much better! You are a very blessed mother to have such wonderful children and they are definately very blessed to have such an incredible mother. I'm sure sorry you've had a rough week. I hate those times when it's just hard! Hang in there and know we love you and your always in our thoughts and prayers!
Love you, JoLynn

Gena said...

Let's make a deal. If you get out of bed I'll get out of bed. Not that either of us would get a real chance to stay IN bed. I love ya' Cracker Buns!