Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feast & Gratitude

It's a Loose family tradition to take a picture of everyone at our Thanksgiving table just before the blessing on the food is asked. We always have two pictures because someone has to take the photo but we want a picture of them too! So, here we are just before we dug in! Hope your day was full of family, fun, and thanks. We are thankful for all of you and send our love!


Helen Ellsworth said...

We just got home from Brian and JoLynn's. We all had Thanksgiving dinner there. Brent and Kami came down from St. George. The rest of the family were all there but Tara and Mathew. We had a fabulous dinner complete with Richard's good pies, Then we played a new game I have learned since coming here. Except we added a little bit of gambling with it. We each took six dollars. As we played each round whoever lost that round put a dollar in the pot. The last person out of the game took the pot. Grandpa Allred won the first pot and Blake won the second. It was lot's of fun. Kami and Jerry were the last two in and it was fun to watch them battle it out. Everyone is going shopping tomorrow and I think I will go to Amy's and visit with all of them. I will get too tired shopping. Would love to go but I know how much I can do and it is not a full day of shopping. Loved your comments and the pictures.

Love Mom

Edwin & Tamara said...

That is so cute

and Uncle Dee LOVE the apron

Gena said...

I have a few photos of Thanksgiving at your house taken from the same vantage point! We had a good Thanksgiving but I always think of being with more family around. I miss you!

URFAVE5 said...

Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving. And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
Love You, JoLynn