Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweater Girl!

Ever notice how a new outfit makes a girl a bit giddy?

A typical Diana face...!

She has been married to Nicholas for 10 months now. They make eachother smile!


URFAVE5 said...

Yes a new little outfit can put a little pep in your step for sure! That is a very cute sweater! I wish I could wear a sweater! Man it doesn't even have to be a new one just to be able to wear one would be so wonderful. But I think we have to wait until its cooler than 93 degrees out at 8:45p.m. don't ya think? Gotta love this Arizona HOT weather-NOT! Anyway, Diana is beautiful!

Gena said...

Ten months, can it be? It seems such a short time ago and yet like they've always been together. It can't have been that long because Grandma is still working on their pillow shams so, technically, their quilt is still here!

Helen Ellsworth said...

Thanks for the pictures of Diana and Nick I enjoyed them so much. Ten months-----doesn't seem possible. Don't blink or you will be seeing almost 67 years pass lke I have. And it seems just like yesterday. I truly hope they get as many years together as I did.
Kids, I love you. See you at Christmas time. Love you too Marianne. Mom and Grandma