Monday, September 22, 2008

I have been sprinkled with Pixie Dust!

Some of you have responed to Gena's blog already and I have been impressed by your cleverness and creativity! I have had a hard time deciding which Disney characters I relate to because I have felt a little blah this last week. I have finally come up with five that I think fit me pretty well. You will notice that NONE of them are a princess!

1. Pollyanna~ I have a tendency to look on the bright side of things. Just like when Pollyanna plays "The Glad Game" I find myself trying to not think badly of someone by saying "Well, maybe they didn't mean it that way..." It can be aggravating because I can sometimes put off problems that way until I can't ignore them anymore!

2. Mrs. Potts~ I guess she's my ideal! She is always pleasant and takes care of everyone. She can make a mean cup of herbal tea or hot chocolate and those are my favorite things on a cold winter day! She adores her son too!

3. Mickey's broom in Fantasia~I like this little fellow! He works and works and works and doesn't know when to stop and sometimes when I get into my cleaning groove I can work and work and work until I realize it is 3:00 and I haven't stopped for lunch!

4. Bambi's mother~Like this noble mother, I have a little son who I love. He is sweet and kind and a bit naieve and I am always wanting to tell him "Don't go too close to the forrest!" but I have to let him go out on his own and experience things first hand. (I would take a bullet for any of my "little deers")

5. Sleepy, one of the Seven Dwarves~For whatever reason...I don't sleep very well lately. I wake up at 3:30 am and stay awake for usually about 2 hours! It is so annoying, especially when people say things like, "oh well, you're just going through that phase in your life". How long is a phase and how long must I be Sleepy?!


Gena said...

It is so interesting to see what people have come up with. I had to giggle because Jalyn's first pick was Pollyanna also. I need to post her answers somewhere so you can see them. Maybe I'll just e-mail them to you. HELP... as I said on my latest post. How do you get photos inserted into your entire post? I know if I messed with it long enough I'd figure it out but I've got to run three different errands that I can't put off and go grocery shopping which I have put off for about 3 weeks. Let's go somewhere and have fun, okay? I'll dream of a place and you dream too and we'll compare notes!

Marianne said...

OK...WHITE sand BLUE water, Shade, Breezes....

**oh, now I'm awake! Do you mean how do you get the photos to go where you want them to down the list? I just figured it out myself. Give me a call if you need an excuse to do so!

Laurel said...

Cute posting, you are all so clever. Let me know how to get those dang pictures where you want them, looks like you have a better way. Just email them to me if they are too long. Thanks Maianne.

Helen Ellsworth said...

Marianne I think of you as a Princess. Why didn't you? Your post was so cute. I thought Gena was so clever to think of that one. But we have known for a long time how clever she is. Haven't we? Love you lots

Helen Ellsworth said...

Oh. By the way. I just read your email. You should put those pictures, from Sarah, on your blog spot.

Edwin & Tamara said...

Hey you chose some really good ones. I finally got mine done.