Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I was sitting here trying to think of something new to blog about...I feel like Lyndsey a few weeks back...I got nothin'! Not much going on here but usual stuff. Everyone is having good days, thank goodness! It's our turn for good days! I was dusting the other day and realized that without starting them intentionally I have quite a few collections. Do you do this too? You think something is cute and you buy one and then you start to unknowingly accumulate a lot of stuff that you have to dust! Or, someone gives you something, say a thimble, and then everyone thinks that you collect thimbles and they start bringing them to you from all of these cool places that you wish you could go to! are a few of my collections because I've got nothing else to blog about!

Tea Pots. Mom gave me the cute little green one. It belonged to my Grandma Ellsworth and I treasure it. Britt gave me the fruity one and Sarah bought the Blue Willow one on Portabello Road in London! I have lots of mini ones too but they are all in boxes.
So, I seem to be collecting these:

Thimbles: Mom gave me this one in when I was in college

It is hand painted and very pretty. Now everytime Dee goes somewhere I get one. Friends bring them to me. I gather them when I pass through exciting places like Idaho, or Moab, Utah!

Been here...

But not here!

Been here (big deal!)...


Love being here!

Never have been here......or here!

I seem to be gathering these...

I had quite a group of these monsters this week...

So, I made these! Yum!

Salt & Pepper Shakers, I'm gaining a few!
These little guys are my favorites (a gift from Nick and Diana):

OK, I did manage to gather one collection on purpose. Last year, for two frenzied weeks I haunted Mc Donalds and Ebay and gathered these little darlings.
That Wicked Witch was a hard one to get...don't you love the little details like the stockings and the Ruby Slippers? Oh NO! As I sit here and type I heard that McDonald's is putting them in Happy Meals again! Are they different than last year's?! Oh BOTHER!

There's one more thing I collect DAILY and try to get as many as I can!

Aaaaah yes! Many, many, many!


Anonymous said...

I love your collections! I'm sure that each of your "collectibles" makes a special memory come alive. I especially love the little green tea pot that reminds you of your grandmother. I am somewhat of a collector myself. Every so often I think...I should get rid of some of these things...but I'm afraid it would feel like I was throwing away the memory and I can't bring myself to do it. So, as a result, I have lots of "stuff" and I'll probably have more before I die but I just can't part with the memories.

Marianne said...

You and me sweetie! Some day soon I'll write a story of my grandmother that the little teapot reminds me of. It always makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

See, you've got way MORE than "nothin'"!!

Edwin & Tamara said...

Wow that is a nice collection

Gena said...

Do you think our collecting things is related to our small quirks? I found I've started collecting things and had no idea I was collecting some of them until my kids pointed it out. My favorite shakers of yours are the flamingos. Love you!!!

Helen Ellsworth said...

Marianne; I was having a hard time sleeping so I got up and the first blog I checked was yours. I am so glad I did. I have seen your collectibles but never in quite this way and they brought a smile to my face. I too love the little green teapot. It reminds me of a wonderful lady. I loved her so very much. No one could ever have as sweet a Mother-in-law as I did. When I hear people talk about their inlaws and say unkind things about them, I think how very fortunate I was to have a family that I thought the world of and loved as much as my own. And out of all of them I have Martha and Robert left. I enjoy them so much. We need to go see Uncle Robert when next I come over.

Love Mom

URFAVE5 said...

Aunt Marianne-I love all your collectibles. I too love the little green tea pot. I kind of collect little tea pot sets. It reminds me of my Great Grandma Allred. I also love your little dolls from McDonalds. When they had those I really wanted to collect them but Brilynn kind of snatched them right away from me. I love collectible stuff it brings back our memories of things that happened. Thanks for sharing!