Friday, September 19, 2008

Who does Rachel identify with?

Hey all, this is Rachel again. Dear Aunt Gena tagged me...again. haha!
Okay, so here are the rules:
You've been hit with pixie dust so put in your faith and trust and identify yourself! What Disney characters do you identify with? List 5 and include the 'whys.'

#1: Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty! I've always felt like the little blue fairy! She's got an attitude, she's short, she's stout and has blackish/brown hair. She's really funny too, and I'd like to believe I'm as funny as she is. (Note: She also hates pink. ;) )

#2: Jessie from Toy Story 2: :) She's fun, crazy, loves horses...need I say more?

#3: Mulan! (mwahaha!) Mom says I'm not really like any of the other Disney Princesses, because they're all girly. Mulan is brave, and awesome. She tries to be someone she's not, which at times, I've found myself doing just so I can fit into society. Stupid I know, but sometimes I feel like I have to.

#4: Peter Pan, definitely. There's nothing funner than acting like a little kid again and getting all dirty and messy while playing in a fort you've made under a tree.

#5: Sally (from The Nighmare Before Christmas) Sally is very cautious, and sometimes I can tell something isn't going to work out before time, so I try to warn everyone, but no one listens to me. And I like to be alone sometimes, and Sally is kind of a loner. :)

Hope that's what you wanted Gena, ;)
<3/ Rachel :)


URFAVE5 said...

You seem like such a sweet and fun girl and if you ever tried to warn me about something before it happened I promise I would listen!

Gena said...

Rachie, you are marvelous! The blue fairy, yeah! I'm so glad you answered this (you're the 2nd so far!). It's fun to read your comments and hear your voice in it. The characters you picked? Perfect! The only one I could think of that I thought you would pick was Jessie. Love you!