Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Haircut*

*Annie was brave and put her new haircut on her blog (which I love, by the way!) so I told her I'd do mine too. I am not thrilled with these pictures but oh well, if I look old then I must be! I have had the cut for two months but Leah cut the bangs shorter for me today. Happy hair days to you all!


tlee said...

Auntie marianne nice haircut it looks alot like mine so of course it is spectacular!! Tara

Helen Ellsworth said...

It is early saturdaymorning and I guess I am the only one awake, itis so quiet. I do like your hair cut. I like the bangs. You can keep it. OK by me. We have sure had some busy days here. And today is going to be worse.

I have enjoyed the Blogs everyone has but I still like Dean;sidea oa the letter, more personal. Better than just small comments now and then. I have finished the quilt so I now hae the time to write. I have been wanting to start one for awhile. I know Dean thinks I haveforgotten.

As you see, I can't stop with just a comment.

Have a great day and I will try to call later.
Love you Mom

Edwin & Tamara said...

Love the hair cut, It turned out really pretty, not mine I look like a boy, NO JOKE I will not be posting a picture of mine YUCK, Still cry when I look at it, amanda tried to curle it with the iron, didnt help it much, I just hope it growes back fast. If I have bad spelling so sorry i am typing with out my glasses and I and sooo tired have not been sleeping well,
Love you miss you