Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday Fun in Backward Order!

Diana got her long awaited "Chi" hair straightener!
Cleaning off the candles is always the best part!

Brent and Kami were thoroughly entertained by us! (sorry!)

Britt got a long distance call from Sarah in Toronto! Sam had his eye on the cake!

At long last...LOVE!


Bryan & Lynz said...

Wow couldn't Brent and Kami look more entertained? What the heck did you do to them Auntie? They look bored out of their gordes. No, looks like fun and I wish I were there too.

tlee said...

I feel old looking at your girls. I remember coming up to Utah and changing Diana's diaper!! This is fun to start keeping in touch like this. Please be patient with my blog however I am still learning. I also have to say where the heck is Autie Gena's blog? I thought for sure the scrapbook queen would so love this.I am excited to see you guys in a few weeks Kiss Uncle Dee for me.I love you Auntie M

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

OH WOW!!!! WE are MUCH cuter, happier, friendlier, funnier, appreciative, easliy entertained people!!! SHOOT! I promise we had a BLAST!!!
We need to get you a better picture! That is just NOT good!
Love you guys...thanks again and see ya soon!