Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday x's 2!

Brittany and Diana's blessing days.

This had been a busy weekend. Every year in May we have two birthdays two days apart but we have never had Memorial day sandwiched between them! On Sunday Brittany celebrated her 25th and today is Diana's 21st. Weren't they just little girls? Seems like it! We had a nice family dinner Sunday...fried chicken at Britt's request...and the company of Kami and Brent! How wonderful to finally meet Kami! We think she is so fun and just right for Brent. We were very impressed! Today we will barbeque at Diana's request (a good thing since it rained ALL day on Memorial day). I just want to say that I love my two girls and am so glad to be their Mom. I have been blessed with five amazing children. They are kind, thoughtful, good, GOOD people! As every year goes by I am more thrilled with them. They are five of my greatesat blessings...SO...Happy Birthday to Brittany & Diana, always my baby girls, I love you!


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

It was SO wonderful to spend time with the Fam this weekend. I absolutely feel PROUD to be an Ellsworth. Thanks for the tasty dinner, fun conversation, laughs (during prayers) and birthday celebration.
Happy Birthday to Britt and Diana...my new favorite cousins!!!
Love you all...and CAN'T WAIT to see you SOON!!!

Bryan & Lynz said...

it seems like it was just yesturday that I remember being at grandmas and grandpas and Di and Micheal were just babies. Man how the time flies. I can't wait to see you at Brent and Kami's wedding. did you know that dad has a blog? Go to my blog and get his url. I also posted new pictures on a slide show of Memorial day you need to check out.