Monday, October 5, 2015

Summer Wrap Up

 Now that Autumn has officially begun, I guess I had better document some of highlights! I have been busy and lazy both! Sleep has been a difficult thing for me. I need to be better at turning off that light and not reading into late hours, but I also need to figure out how to stop waking up so early, no matter how little sleep I've had! If you have the answer, let me know!

My summer began in a very beautiful way. In May Dee and I both had powerful impressions that we should go to our Bishop and let him know that we were willing to work in the temple. With the opening of the Payson Utah temple later in the summer, the Mt. Timpanogos Temple lost over 1,000 ordinance workers! Many workers at the Provo Temple are now in the Payson Temple district, so Many of our workers up here on the north end were put into the Provo Temple district as the boundaries were all redrawn. The call went out at our church meetings and Dee really began to think about it. I had actually been thinking about it for several months. As usual, the Lord was preparing me ahead of time, because it takes me some time to work my way into a change of routine. We received an invitation to come to the temple and meet with President Funk on a gorgeous day in May and by the time we had left we had been called and set apart as Ordinance Workers, and had received a tour of the worker's area in the basement. We left feeling overwhelmed, humble, and excited! Here we are on our way home that afternoon, so happy!

I began on July 8th, the second day the temple had been open after being closed for the entire month of June. They closed for deep cleaning and also I believe, to have time to get more workers called. Can you imagine being faced with the loss of nearly 1300 workers? We still have not replaced them all, but week after week more new sisters and brothers join our shift. It's a wonderful thing to see our ranks grow! We chose to serve on the Wednesday first shift because Dee has Wednesday mornings free from morning swim team practice. So, the only day he has to sleep in a little, he is now up earlier that usual to serve the Lord. It makes him very happy! He comes home when our shift is over, eats a quick lunch and goes down to Provo for work. I try to be productive, but usually end up taking a nap because 3:50 is an early wake-up call folks!

I will write more later about my experiences in this sacred work. It has been a spiritual time of learning and blessings!

In May Brittany took a much needed trip to Toronto to visit her sister Sarah. Here they are at the top of the CN Tower.

Sarah took Britt to see Casa Loma, a massive castle of a house built by Sir Henry Pellat beginning in 1911. It was quite a tour!
She had a wonderful time and it was hard to come home and leave Sarah there!
I miss seeing my beauties together!

In June Brittany helped host an event with Provo City, The Freedom Festival's Stars & Stripes Beach Blast. It was held at our outdoor shopping mall The Shops at Riverwoods. We saw an amazing sand castle, enjoyed great live music, and had fun with a massive beach ball drop! Dee's parents joined us later on and enjoyed seeing Brittany at work. She is really good at what she does!
Before Granni & Papa arrived we escaped the heat with some amazing Marley's burgers. I love going into Marley's because they have a little replica of Mesa's famous "Diving Lady" sign. Takes me back to fun times as a little girl pressing my face to the car window so I could see her coming up on East Main St.

My kids were captive by their lunch. I grabbed some photos while I could!

 Here is the sand castle which reminded me of the castle in The Little Mermaid movie. Look at that view of Mt. Timpanogos!

Always in love!

Left Shark was even there!

You could have your photo taken with this beautiful bald eagle which I caught this group of veterans doing. Awesome!

 Here's Dee awaiting the beach ball drop.

 Here is what he was looking at!

Wouldn't you know? My phone battery died just as the drop occurred! I got the very first part and missed the fun beach ball fight afterward! Blogger won't let me upload that little clip though. (sigh)

We came home with five beach balls and happily took four of them down the street to a family that Dee and Richard Home Teach, and I am the Mom's visiting teacher. They have four little girls and loved the surprise as they were proclaiming how bored they were!

We celebrated Richard's 20th birthday with cake and family at home. Before that, however, his sisters took him to the Provo Beaches Resort (at the Shops at Riverwoods) and they enjoyed an afternoon of good old arcade fun!

Cousin Emily is amused at his antics!

Papa and Granni were there. It's so fun to have them with us now! We have always been on our own here in Utah.

The girls showered Richard with their tickets and he brought home some fun prizes, just like the old days when they were all so small!

I love my son so very much! He has faced some difficult challenges in his life and is now really coming into his own. He exhibits so much confidence and is always so helpful and kind. We are working on a check list of ways to prepare himself to serve a mission someday soon!

In June Aunt "BB" flew on a big airplane to visit Lucas in Minnesota. They had they best time making "Possicles" and playing together. Lucas was so sad when she had to leave. I was sad by proxy for him and her both!

Brittany bought some fun Popsicle molds for Lucas and they made all kinds of fruity good treats.

Diana and Lucas took Aunt BB on a nature walk and showed her where the fishies and froggies live in the Mississippi River.

Lucas had fun making silly faces for Britt's camera..."Look at me BB!"

 They also took Lucas to his first movie where he had his own seat.

 I adore this picture of Brittany and Lucas watching the River Days parade in Saulk Rapids, Minnesota. All American fun!

The Fourth of July was low-key. We decided not to do a fireworks show but stayed home and lit our own. We had a backyard barbecue and invited Michael, Sarah, Nathan, and Emily Faria over. Nathan was not so sure about the noise and watched the first part of the show from across the street!

Uncle Dee gave him a juice bar and he enjoyed the sprinkler, however! Isn't he adorable? (those dry spots in the grass have been my nemesis all summer!)
 He also loved the Shasta daisies smelling them and saying ,"Mmmm!"
All of the Fireworks and everyone else appear on videos and, well, Blogger is being dumb.

I finish up July and August next time I write! See you Then!

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What a fun and busy summer! We sure enjoyed getting to be at your pretty home this last week. We felt so loved and welcomed! We sure love you guys!