Monday, January 14, 2013

Let There Be Internet!

I have not been ignoring you, my friends. We changed Internet providers and it took this long to get the new one hooked up, while the old one was canceled mid-December. I noticed how much more I got accomplished around the house with no web connection but I sure have missed all of my blog friends and favorite sites!

Christmas at our house was low-key this year and fairly quiet. We all decided early on to not spend a ton of money (there wasn't a ton to begin with!) on a lot of gifts. We all went in together on a couple of nice gifts for each person. It worked out beautifully and I appreciated my children's desire to help each other out and give from their hearts.

We were blessed with the presence of our Sarah from Toronto, and Diana, Nick, & Lucas came from San Diego to stay with us for 3 weeks. Here are a few photos from the holiday:

 Christmas morning dawned cold and very white! 
It snowed all day on Christmas Eve. It was our first very white Christmas in several years.

  Santa stuffed our "Grandma Helen-made"stockings quite full of goodies.
 How did Roxie get the largest one?

 The Master received some yummy Nutella, his favorite treat!

  Roxie pitched in with help in opening gifts!

 Our sweet baby Lucas appeared with his Daddy all dressed up for the cold. He was on his way down the hill to spend Christmas day with Nick's family who traveled all of the way from Germany, New York, & South Carolina to stay with the Huffman's, Nick's grandparents who live in our neighborhood. We missed them very much the rest of the day but of course Lucas' "Pops" & "Nana" were due a Christmas with this little family! They thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Lucas better. Lt. Col. Mowes turned to mush every time that baby was around!

 This is my favorite photo from the morning. Isn't he so cute?
 Look how his little cheeks are showing signs of chubbiness!

Later that day The Master's parents flew in from Washington. It was the first Christmas dinner we spent with my cute in-laws in many years! I broke out the china but forgot to take a picture!
In the evening "GiGi" and Papa got to met their very first great grandchild.
It was very sweet!

The big reason they had come was for the baby blessing of little Lucas.
Nick and Diana wanted to have Lucas receive his name and blessing when all of his grandparents, aunts, and uncles could be there. 
We reserved the Relief Society room at our church building and on December 26th we all met there for the very wonderful occasion.

 Lucas wore the very same clothes that his Daddy wore almost exactly 26 years earlier. From the little cotton blouse to the sweater and sweet white booties he was the picture of innocence and purity that only little children posses. Don't you just love his little one-sided smile?
 He was wrapped in a baby blue afghan crocheted by my mother for her 78th great-grandchild!

 Lucas is a lucky boy. He has 7 living great-grandparents! Only my dear father is not with us. Sadly, my Mom could not come from Colorado for the blessing. At 90 years, she still gets around quite well but was resting up from her last trip to Arizona a few weeks earlier. The happy Greats are:
L-R Gunther & Hanalore Mowes, Felicia & Bob Loose, & Sharon & Ken  Huffman. My parents are George & Helen Ellsworth.

 Here are the folks from the Little House on the Corner.. Look how tall Richard has grown this year!
L-R-Richard, Brittany, Sarah, Rachel, Me, Diana, Lucas, Nick, Dee, Felicia, & Bob.

 Proud parents! Nicholas gave Lucas a sweet, emotion filled blessing. This little boy truly is a miracle and has taught us all so much about patience and love!

 The Mowes' and Huffmans
L-R- Ken & Sharon Huffman, Brandon, Hana, Tami, Mike, Diana, Lucas, & Nick Mowes, Hanalore & Gunther Mowes, Cameron & Jessica Mowes.

 There were lots of four generation photos taken that day.
 Thanks to the Looses for letting me in on theirs!

Lucas has some pretty aunties! All five of them are first-timers at this aunt business
 and are so in love with the little guy.
The blonde aunties are:
L-R Jessica Mowes (who is trying out for the Denver Ballet soon!), Brittany Loose, Momma Diana, Sarah Loose, & Hana Mowes.
 The lone brunette, Aunt Rachel had to leave right after the blessing to get to work on time.

The uncles were all three there too.
 L-R Nick's brothers Brandon (US Navy) & Cameron (US Army), Daddy Nick (USC), and Richard Loose (LPHS!), who is looking at something else!

I am disappointed at how grainy this iPhone video is but you can see how happy and active Lucas is. Before he left Utah for home he topped the scales at 11 lbs. 5 Oz.! Not bad for a 4 month old who started out at five pounds!

What better reason for family to come together than to celebrate a birth? The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, and of our first little grandson!
It was a lovely Christmas indeed!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the real world. I don't know how we got along before the Internet. Your Christmas looks very fun, so happy you were able to have all of your children together. Little Lucas is such a darling baby. He has quite a heritage which he will come to love and appreciate as he gets older. What a special time to have so many family members there for his blessing. Thanks for sharing all the sweet pictures. Happy New Year to you and yours.

URFAVE5 said...

So glad your back! I've missed hearing what you all are up to. It looks like you had a perfect Christmas! Your little Lucas is absolutely beautiful. I can see why you can't get enough of him. Oh and I LOVE your hair cut. So cute. I keep toying with the idea of going shorter like yours. I'm such a chicken but your is darling! I love it!
Sure love you guys. Stay warm!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging. You have been missed. It must have been so hard not to have the internet to brag about your sweet little Lucas.
Looks like a wonderful holiday season spent with some much family.
Love you all and miss you.

Nancy Face said...

Oh, such happiness! He is a darling, and has SO MANY loving family members!