Saturday, December 8, 2012

Remember The Last Post?

You Know, the one that started, "I have been very sick?" Ditto.

Nov. 26th was my birthday. It was the first day since before Thanksgiving that I didn't feel like coughing all day. What a gift! The Master took me out to celebrate. It was a yummy dinner and he didn't even have the staff at the restaurant sing Happy Birthday to me! Thanks for that! I went to bed and settled in for a long winter's nap. At 12:45 I was awakened by a sharp, intense pain in my lower right back. After trying different positions and trying to stretch it out, the back pain was not giving in, so I did. It actually hurt so badly that I wanted to cry. not wanting to wake my sweetie I went downstairs to tough it out under a quilt on the sofa. Soon the pain intensified and spread to my lower right abdomen. Appendicitis? I lay there with my iPhone looking up symptoms. At 4:30 The Master awoke and finding me not there he panicked. When he found me I was doubled over, tearful, and so glad he was there. He convinced me to go to the ER and so, out into the cold we went. A CT scan, blood work and urinalysis showed nothing wrong with me. No appendicitis, no kidney stones, no nothing. By 7:15 we were home with a charge to come back if it got worse. Oh, and they shot me up with some awesome pain killers that helped me sleep! Niiice!  This was Early Tuesday morning.

 This basically says "Thanks for coming in today! 
We're sorry we don't have what you are looking for but feel free to come again!

To make this story shorter than my week went here is a list of what followed:

*More intense pain.
*A visit to our family doctor that afternoon.
*More blood work & urinalysis. Nothing.
*An xray. Nothing.
*A referral to a surgeon. By 5:30PM leaving his office with orders for an ultrasound. Could be my   
  gall bladder.
*Another night of pain, not as bad.
*Early Wednesday morning ultrasound with a promise to call me by mid-afternoon with results.
*Another day on the sofa in pain. Nausea. Have not eaten since Monday night.
*No call with results.
*Sarah arrives on an evening flight for a job interview at BYU.  I didn't mention that earlier did I?
*By noon Thursday The Master takes matter into his own hands and calls the hospital for the results.
  Guess what? NOTHING WRONG!
*Rest, take ibuprofen, be patient (!)
*Friday, still in pain. Surgeon summons me to the ER for more tests. Sigh.
*Another CT scan, more blood work, doctors scratching their heads. Urinalysis comes back positive.
*A kidney infection. Never had one. Never want one again! Not a fun way to spend a week.

 Once the antibiotics kicked in I did a lot of this...
A little gift project for one of Sarah's friends.
Do you watch Dr. Who?

I also got a lot of snuggles in with Roxie. She kept me warm!

We had waited to have my birthday cake until Sarah was here. Then we waited until I felt like eating it! I cannot believe I let them take my picture. No Make-up for a week is pretty liberating but, yuck!
Hey, put a Red Velvet cake in front of me and I'll do anything!

Sarah's interviews went very well. Thursday was full of faculty and Vice Presidential interviews along with lunch and dinner. Friday was and early interview with Elder Echohawk of the Seventy and then to campus to teach a super fun lecture on the Black Death. She received rave reviews. We are very hopeful and should hear sometime in late January whether she has the job. Wouldn't that be amazing?!!!  That evening we did something with her that she has not done with in SIX years...

 We decorated the tree with her here! SO much fun. Here is our tree not finished yet. It would take me half of the next week to get up the energy to put on everything.

This is a collage Rachel made. The horse she bought from a family outside of Target who was selling them to raise money for their moms chemo treatment. They were selling them for a dollar each and she gave them a $10. When they tried to give her change/9 more ornaments, she kindly refused and told them to keep the money. What a sweet girl.
The owl is the ornament I gave her this year because she has a thing for cute little wise-guys like that, and the Santa with bagpipes is from last year. (She loves Scotland and men in kilts!) Sarah donned the Minnie ears and made me smile. She wore them all night.

We have a tradition of giving the kids an ornament every year. Nothing on our tree matches, but everything means something. It is always very sentimental when they start pulling them all out. After we had our sweet pup Samwise for about a year or so I gave each one of the family this Jack Russell Terrier ornament. I found them at Target. They were brown and white only so I custom painted them with some black on the head and a big black spot in the back. Voila! Samwise! There were tears this year as the first Sam ornament was found and hung. How we miss that guy. It's hard to believe it's been nearly a year since we lost him. He is still such a big part of our family and our hearts.


Nancy Face said...


I am SOOO sorry about all the pain and suffering! So glad you're better!

I love the cute picture of Roxie's nose!

Lauren loves the Dr. Who dolls!

URFAVE5 said...

Okay first of all Happy very belated Birthday! Next...You poor thing! I am so sorry that you have been so SICK. I feel your pain and have great empathy for you. I have had bladder and kidney infections off and on nearly all of my life and as far as I am concerned there is NOTHING that is any more painful than a kidney infection. I am so glad that they finally got to the bottom of what the problem was and that you are now feeling better. Thank goodness!

I also want to tell Sarah that we will be hoping and praying for her. That would be so wonderful if she could get that job and get to back there living. It also would be way cool to have her Uncle Dee on the same campus. So neat!

I'm so glad your back to the blogging world. I have sure missed you. I hope you are getting ready for Christmas and getting to enjoy the holidays now that you feeling better.

We sure love you all!

P.S. I think that picture of you is darling and I LOVE your hair. I've been toying with cutting my hair into a cute little pixie haircut.