Monday, August 27, 2012

Seven Days and Counting

Seven days from today I will become a Grandmother for the very first time! Ten years ago I was not ready to hear that word but ask me today and I will tell you that I am very excited! I have not talked much about what has been happening with Diana's pregnancy because it is really hers and Nick's business. She has been very sensitive about her condition and her personal business being broadcast. But now, after three baby showers, one for Nick's family here in Utah, and two this last week, everyone in Utah County knows that business!

Diana developed preeclampsia in July. Her blood pressure was sky high and her poor little ankles were so swollen. She was ordered to take it easy and work from home on her laptop which she did until the "higher-ups" at work decided it wasn't a work-from-home job. She was very hurt at first. I can tell you she was working hard and doing every bit as much here at home as she would have at the office. However, from a Mom's point of view, it was a good change. She has become so totally relaxed that she has had virtually no troubles since. She rests all day long and we hang out together. It has been fun! Because of the preeclampsia, which is the current day term for toxemia, the baby is scheduled to be delivered three weeks early for both his safety and the health of his Mommy. That date is September 4th.

Every once-in-awhile Diana and I look at each other and say something like, "Wow! In less than two weeks there will be a baby in the house! Are we ready?" The baby clothes and blankets are washed. The little bed is set up. Brittany bought the most adorable "preemie" diapers and with the last two showers there are enough supplies to get us going. I refer to "us" because Nick is no longer living here. Before you panic, he has simply moved to the San Diego area to begin his graduate studies at USC San Diego. He found a nice place for his little family to live when the time comes, and he is working hard at getting started on his 2 year program. He will fly back to Utah this weekend for the birth on Tuesday. He only gets to stay a week while Diana and "Baby Mowes" will stay here for the recovery period. It's not the ideal way to welcome your first child into the world, but we are doing our best to help!

The first Baby Shower last week was given by the ladies in our ward who served in the Young Women's group while Diana was that age. They are some of the dearest, most sincere women I know and I love them all!

 It was a cute teddy bear/paper airplane themed party.

 Above is Margaret Rodee and below is Karie Miller. They were two of Diana's YW Presidents.
(If you send your missionary to the MTC in Provo, chances are, Margaret will be the one handing him or her that black and white name tag! Karie is now our Bishop's wife!)

 L-R: Julie Merrill, Lonnie Bowers, Dana Fong, Cheryl Bellarosa, and Janet Oles.

 L-R: Cathleen Barney, Becky Browning, Diane Riddle, Joanie Rich, and Julie Merrill.

 Cathleen, Sheryl DeLeeuw, Diana, Diane, and Julie. Fun Girl's Camp memories!!

Julie, Becky (who graciously hosted us at her home and was another of Diana's YW Presidents), Diana, and Dana.

Here we are, my sweet girlie and me. Yes, I had my hair cut even shorter than it was in Denver.

The second shower came two days later on Saturday for Diana's college and work friends. Brittany and Diana's dear friend Whitney put the party together in our backyard.
 It was a Safari theme because that is how Diana is going to decorate Baby Mowes' nursery.
There was cucumber salad with feta cheese and pita chips, cupcakes, and fresh fruit with yummy honey/cream cheese dip.

 Diana and Rachel decorated the cuppy-cakes with fondant. Cute, huh?!

 For this little family it really all did begin on safari. Nick proposed to Diana at the butterfly pavillion in Denver!

 These darling ladies gave us such a fun afternoon! They are L-R: Diana, Raelynn, Halen,Chassie with daughter Knowley, Emily, and Chelsea. Whitney and her Mom Sherrie had to leave before we could get this photo, and another friend Emily, came a bit later.

I love that Halen grabbed up Diana's belly cast and wore it proudly! Yes, Brittany casted her sister's belly. It was actually kind of fun! Rachel painted it a cool giraffe print.

Even Miss Roxie had a great time and was very well-behaved!
It took us all weekend to recover. We had better rest up because in SEVEN DAYS there won't be a lot of sleep going on! I'll keep you posted!


URFAVE5 said...

How exciting. I peek in on Diana and Nick's blog every now and then I had read that she had toxemia,bless her heart! I had that with Conner. Man that it is rough and that bed rest thing is for the darn birds (I was on bed rest with all of my kids the few weeks). I feel for her BUT that will SOON ALL BE OVER-YAY!!! I'm so excited to see what he looks like!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! There's nothing like your first grandchild. They are all special but there's just something about that first one that you really never get over. Our first one was a BOY too and after having all girls, it was pretty thrilling! At least you had a boy of your own so it won't be quite so "shocking".

We send our very best wishes to all of you. I'm sorry to hear that Diana has had preeclampsia, Kami had that with Savanna and she was born 3 weeks early too. But she turned out perfect and your baby will too. I'm looking forward to hearing all the details, take lots of pictures!