Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baby Shower!!

We have needed rain in these mountains for weeks now and we finally got some on July 5th. It was enough to help extinguish some wild fires and make us all feel a bit cooler. But the best kind of shower came on Saturday the 7th when we were able to attend a Baby Shower for my Diana and her "Baby Mowes". This dear little boy won't make his appearance for 3 more months but he has some lovely gifts waiting for him.

I had to share this photo of the mother-to-be. Look at my darling girl! Nick took this photo a few Sundays ago. Isn't she radiant?

 Nick's Aunt Pearl Giles and his sister Hanna hosted this fun affair and it was attended by family, mostly Nick's because we are the only family in Utah other than Emily at BYU. We were glad she could join us!

 Here is Aunt Pearl getting things started with a fun shower game.

Hanna had fun with her game.
 She melted different kinds of candy bars in little diapers and we had to guess the Poo!

Here are the ladies from the Mowes side of Nick's family, his cousins Stacey and Mindy with Stacey's daughter Londyn, Nick's Oma (Grandmother) Hannalore Mowes, and Aunt Pearl.

Here are Emily Faria, Diana's cousin, & Rachel and Brittany.

These ladies are from Nick's mother's family. We love Tami and were were so sad she couldn't be there with us but she was, at that very moment, on a boat tour of the Rhine River in Germany...FUN!
Here we have Tami's sister Lory, niece Melissa, sister-in-law Sissy, mother Sharon Huffman, and her other sister Crissy.

I thought it was pretty wonderful that my first grandchild has four living great-grandmothers and two of them were with us yesterday!

The most interesting game by far was trying to figure out what candy bar was in those diapers. I failed miserably but Brittany put her nose to the test!
 Diana received some really nice gifts for her baby boy!
This is all starting to feel very real and I suddenly realize that I had better get busy making things!


Nancy Face said...

Congratulations on your grandson who will be coming soon! YAY!

Diana looks beautiful in that picture!

What a super fun shower!

Nancy Face said...

My daughter-in-law's baby shower was five months ago, and my daughter's baby shower was last week! Both events were so wonderful and happy, but one thing made me sad: my sister-in-law, who lives right here in town, blew off BOTH of my girls' showers without a word, and I have no idea why! Very strange.

URFAVE5 said...

Diana truly is just radiant. She is just beaming and absolutely gorgeous! I think if I were Nick I'd just keep her that way:) She's one of the most beautiful darling pregnant gals I've ever seen.

It looks like a wonderful shower!

Sarah Faria said...

Diana is beautiful! The party looks fun, I just wish we lived closer so I could have joined the festivities! I'm so excited for them with all of their life changes that are happening!

Wenni Donna said...

Truly this baby shower is socute. I truly loved seeing these photos that you posted. We also attended garden baby shower on last weekend which was awesome. Now we are doing preparations for our sister’s wedding party that is going to be held at one of the Los Angeles wedding venues. So excited!