Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh, Hi! I'm Back!

Where have I been? Um...right here. Sometimes I feel like my little Roxy doggie running around in circles, not sure where I am going to get off of the merry-go-round. I thought my life was busy when my kids were small and all under one roof...OH FOOLISH WOMAN! Older children have places to go, timelines to follow, jobs to get to. Put a cap on my head and call me a cab driver. (and don't forget the tip!)

Things will be slowing down now. Richard's three week prison term in summer school English classes ends in two days. That is two trips a day to Lehi High School gone! Nicholas finally has his own big-boy transportation to work each day. That is one less trip to the far east side of American Fork. That leaves Rachel. She is working two jobs right now. One at the good old American Fork Fitness Center and the other way in the heck out at Thanksgiving Point. It is my fondest dream to find her her own mode of transportation. My greenish mini-van is nearly paid off so hopefully by the end of the summer when I am nearly insane with road-rage we can find her some wheels!

Speaking of the Blueish-greenish Town & Country...remember how it got T-boned by a nice Asian man a few weeks back? It was in for repairs and came back to me shiny and new. I was happy. Until I started driving it again. The noise coming through the "new" door sounds like a window is open. The automatic locks on the rear doors don't respond to the locking buttons. There are scratches on the body panel way down under where nobody can see unless they are Nick looking for the bent door frame that he did indeed find! This means another trip up to Sandy to drop the car of at Larry H. Miller collision repair to have them do it right this time.

Speaking of repairs...remember that nice new Brother embroidery machine I got for Christmas? In the height of my sewing season for Farmer's Market it has decided to erase its computer brain. You know how people are described as having a blank stare, like the lights aren't on upstairs? That is my machine! The LCD screen lights up but there is no memory. That means a trip to drop off the machine and a wait for it to be done. AAAAAAHHHHH! But hey, if I cannot sew that gives me more time to drive people around, right?

Maybe I can catch up on a few projects I have started and are lying around undone. I'll fill you in!

I wanted to tell you that this guy is very happy! He is settled in to his new job at BYU and loving it. He comes home smiling, he is light-hearted, and he even looks rested. There are some in the local swimming community who are saying some pretty nasty things about him. Look folks, all he did was find his dream job. For the last 30 years he has gotten up at 4:30 am to come and coach your kids before school. Then he has taught school all day long, a full day of high school. Then he has gone straight to the pool to coach your kids again until 6:00 pm. He came home worn out, tired, and stressed by all of the politics involved in high school and club swimming. He worked every Saturday morning of his life and missed out on all of those Saturday fishing outings he wished for. He graded papers and tests and wrote workouts for your children on his own time with no extra pay. His health was declining and his family was worried.

Now he works one job in one place for only 8 hours a day...imagine that? He works in a place that he loves and has wanted to be at for a very long time. He is in a professional environment where he is respected. He comes home HAPPY. He loved your kids and killed himself to make them the very best athletes they could be but he cared more about the kind of adults they would become. He did not abandon the team. He set up the transition so that it would be as smooth as possible. Immediately some were freaking out and jockeying for position. They are saying some horrid things that they know are not true. They are surprising me. I thought they were friends. This is a man who has given his time and talent to make the youth of our community better people. For once in his life he put himself and his family's needs first. It's about time! Get over yourselves and grow up.

There. I feel better.

Maybe I should spend some time hanging upside down like Miss Roxie does.

She seems to be perfectly happy all of the time!


Abbie said...

Here's one old swimmer who is just simply excited for Dee. I can't think of a coach who deserves it more! I tell TC stories of Dee as my coach all the time - he was a great influence in my life. He completely deserves this position - Go BYU! :)

Diana said...

Sometimes it felt like the swimmers were his real children growing up, but I know he always worked 12+ hours a day for me so I could have a good life. Him and Nick need to go fishing ASAP!

Terry and Emalee said...

I'm so glad he is coming home happy. And a nice fishing trip sounds like a good idea. :)

URFAVE5 said...

I am HORRIFIED that ANYONE would stoop so LOW as to EVER say ANYTHING but sweet, kind, and wonderful things about Uncle Dee. He is the salt of the earth. Anyone who would say mean untrue unkind things about Uncle Dee must have some issues and is't apparent that they need some therapy.

We are so proud and so happy for Uncle Dee and for you and all the family.

Now about all that driving you do. Good grief...I'm exhausted just listening to your day. Bless your heart! You are a good woman and I appreciate your good example.

We sure love you guys. It was so good to get to see you. Hopefully, things will work out and we get to see more of you!

Good luck with your car!

Love you all!

Sarah said...

Seriously? Well, actually I can think of a few people to whom you are probably referring in terms of saying bad stuff about Dad. All I have to is that if they want to live their lives being bitter and worrying about other people rather than themselves, then be my guest. I am so happy for Dad!

Anonymous said...

We, of course, are so happy for Dee and his new job at our Beloved BYU! I can't think of a better place to be for 8 hours everyday. We hope to see him in action sometime in the near future.

As for those who have negative things to say...get over it! All is well in Zion and everything is as it should be.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Anonymous said...

Let me re-phrase that..."THEY NEED TO get over it!" (When I re-read that it sounded wrong, sorry)

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

WE are also SO happy for Uncle Dee...I can't think of a better man for the job. BYU is a class act school with a class act swim coach and I for one can't wait to come up and see him in action!
Love you all!