Sunday, January 29, 2012

Now We Wait...

One of our favorite places in the world!

The last week of my life has been lived in a whirlwind! Now we take a step back, slow down, and wait. I am not sure I can! However this turns out, I want you all to know that I feel completely and utterly at peace. I have not felt such spiritual comfort and reassurance in a very long time. My heart is full of warmth and satisfaction for the blessings the Lord has given my family. This has not erased trials we may have been going through before last week, but it has taken away any worry or fear I may have. I know that I am loved by my Father in Heaven. I know that He has blessed me with an amazing man as my husband. (This sweet man who has not stopped crying all week). This has been a great experience  for us and we have learned so much in the process.

Love to you all and many blessings too! I am thinking of Conner and Jerry tonight. May the Lord bless them and all who love them!

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

We're anxiously waiting to hear the news. We're on pins and needles so I can only imagine how excited you must be. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we're hoping for a great outcome.

URFAVE5 said...

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Conner and Grandpa Jerry. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as well and we wish you much luck.

We Love you!