Monday, October 3, 2011

Not One Stitch!!

It has been exactly 8 days since I have sewn anything. Wow! I feel rested and ready to get started on some new projects. I'll be sewing some pretty pillows for Britt's new bedroom from some pretty blue and white toile. I'll show you pictures when I am done.

Today is a big day in this guy's life...

Poor Samwise had an infection on his under-side and wouldn't leave it alone. The vet gave him antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory, and...we hated to do it...

Oh no! The Cone of Shame!

Here he is on the ride home from the vet two weeks ago, so confused!

 Fear not! He found ways to adapt! My Mom left her memory foam pillow conforms to his neck making sleep much more comfy! (Don't tell Grandma!)

 Yes. Gloom set in.

Sam even got Dee to let him sulk on his lap.

It was prescribed for one week. Last Monday was the day it was supposed to come off. I took him in, dreading the verdict because I knew it hadn't quite cleared up. We left feeling very blue. One more week in the cone. Sadness! The poor little guy has had to try to sleep in this thing, eat with it on, and be his normal energetic self. I think he is confused and depressed.  Heck, I would be too!! I hope that by 2:45 today we can kick that cone to the backseat and enjoy a happy drive home with our heads out the window, ears flying in the wind. (Well, I'll be driving. Sam can let his ears fly!)

General Conference was wonderful! I felt inspired to be a better person, to be more diligent and faithful. I was thrilled to hear President Monson announce a new temple for Provo. They are saving the burnt out Provo Tabernacle! Last time I drove by, it looked like this...

 It has been cleaned up since this awful night last December.
 We in Utah Valley have been anxious to know the fate of that beautiful old building. Would it be salvageable or would they have to demolish it? Now we know!

Here is the artist's conception of what it will look like when the new temple is completed.

Now the speculation begins. What will it be called since we already have a temple in Provo? "Provo Temple South?" The Downtown Temple"? A thought just struck me. Is there any other city in the world that has two LDS temples in it? I don't think so!

Well, off to my day of cleaning, sewing pillows, and hopefully shedding shameful cones! Have a good one!


bunchocoffeys said...

Hi Marianne, this is Cory's sister Mandy. I hope you don't mind I like to peek at your blog, your creations are so cute! There is at least one city I know of that has two temples...South Jordan is the home to both Oquirrh Mountain and Jordan River. :)

Marianne said...

Hi Mandy! I guess you are right! I thought Oquirrh Mt. was in Herriman. Pretty cool, huh?

URFAVE5 said...

I think it will be absolutely beautiful!!! That is so exciting. We can hardly wait for the Gilbert temple to be completed. We too enjoyed conference very much.

I hope Samwise got rid of his awful and horrible cone, poor guy. He sure is a cutie.

Take Care,