Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time Travel Tuesdays~

My Farmer's Market season is over. (big sigh of relief) I loved it, but I am ready for a rest. I will now get my new sewing room organized and sew things a bit more slowly. I am helping Miss Britt make some blue toile pillows for her bed and reupholster the stool for the new (old) vanity we found on Craig's List. She will be over today to begin sanding and getting it ready for a shabby chic paint job. I'll be sure to show you the before and after photos.

Now that I can slow down on the aprons and not crank them out like a maniac, I have been thinking about another sweet time I had with an apron and a little blondie girl. The year was 1981 and I was a senior student at Brigham Young University. I am glad that I finished my Education degree but the worst part about it was leaving my sweet little Sarah with a sitter while I was in classes. One day I walked home from campus south on 400 East in Provo to the sitter's house. As I got closer I could see that she was out on her front porch with her own child and the three little charges she took care of enjoying the lovely spring day. When Sarah looked up and saw me coming her face lit up and she called, "Momma!" At that exact moment the cute little boy standing next to her planted both hands into her lower back and shoved her off of the porch! I was horrified! How could anyone hurt my angel girl? I rushed forward, scooped up my baby (she was only  1 year old!) and took her home. My heart hurt for her. How quickly our happy lives can be turned upside down! I decided to make my girl happy the best way I knew how. I did the same things my own Momma would have done for me. We walked home to our little apartment, snuggled up on the couch, and read a book, most likely "The Little Red Hen" which was her favorite at the time. Then we went into the kitchen and made some yummy sugar cookies together.
Now THAT"S an apron!

The apron was a wedding gift. It came with a corn cob pot holder to match the corn cob pocket! I tied it up under her armpits just like my Mom did for me when we made cookies together. She had the best time and I think both of our hearts were healed from the rude injustice that had been inflicted upon us earlier. Cookies make everything better!

This same little girl is, as I type, winging her way home from Italy. She has spent her fourth summer in a row in Siena and Florence, with a brief layover in Scotland to visit a dear friend. I will be glad to hear from her after she lands in Toronto. I always feel better when she is back on North American soil. I still want to protect her from the meanies of the world!

I will be taking photos of the aprons I have left and posting them for sale on my blog. I'll let you know when I get that done. Hopefully later today!


URFAVE5 said...

That story of you and Sarah is so true of us mothers and our babies. Even when our kids our big and someone is mean to them it makes me just want to scoop them up and take them right home.

I love your apron and Sarah looks like a little angel. That is a picture to treasure!

Glad your market season is over for at least for awhile.

Take Care~Love You!

Sarah said...

I remember that apron well; I felt so grown-up getting to wear it! I wish I could remember that day (I was so little) but I do remember many other fun times baking with my Momma! I love you!

Bryan and Lyndsey said...

I updated the blog. I love reading yours. You have the best stories!

Coach Dee said...

I remember that day. I remember returning home from a long day at the Orem Rec Center and being greeted by a a happy hug from my little Sarah and a plate of freshly baked cookies that day. I also remember getting a greeting from you with a hug and kiss and later the low down on the event. You made everything right with your tender loving care and cookie baking. Thank you for making me cry. I am such a crybaby.