Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Stitch in Mine!

Exactly two weeks ago at this very hour I was in pre-surgery with my dear sister Gena. I was waiting to be wheeled back to the operating room for my carpal tunnel release surgery. Gena was such a love to come all of the way from Denver to be with me. It was the 3rd day of school and Dee was not able to get time off, Brittany had to work, and I just wanted someone there that I loved when I woke up. I love my visiting teachers but it isn't the same. (It's nice to know they would have done it for me though.)

I am happy to report that while it hasn't been easy, it looks as though the surgery was a great success. Since the doctor went in and cut the carpal tendon that was pinching my nerves I have not had one incident of tingling, pain, or numbness! It is so great to be able to get through a day without the pain or annoyance!

I have included a few pictures at the end of this post. Look if you want to. They are not that gruesome, just some stitches in my palm. Gena wrote a funny post about how I behaved while under the influence of drugs. It is really quite funny and I cannot be mad at her. Read it here.

My Mom has been with me these last two weeks and I get her or 6 more days too! She is nearly 89 years old and still as active and healthy as she can be. I haven't asked much of her, just help getting dressed the first few days, and the making of pretty great sandwiches for lunch each day. I have to reign her in to keep her from doing too much, actually! Those of you who know her can believe this for sure. She has been crocheting pumpkins for my next Farmer's Market while my hand is out of commission and has gotten five done! I have been able to run my sewing machine for the last few days and it has been nice to get going again. Diana has come over a few times and kept the aprons going for me so much so that I have five ready to go! THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me!

 Here is my poor little hand all snuggly wrapped after surgery. Look at those little swollen fingers!
This wrap was finally removed yesterday, not a minute too soon! The itching was driving me crazy and it was starting to smell really bad!

Here is my hand once the four stitches were removed yesterday. There is some bruising but most of that blue is from the ink they used for drawing the incision line and...I had forgotten that they had me write "YES" with the pen before the surgery. They weren't taking any chances on cutting into the wrong hand! I laughed when I saw the writing still there. I was thinking "YES! That awful wrap is gone!"

Here I am all cleaned up and on the way home. Such a relief! 
 I'll be posting more photos soon of the new aprons I am completeing. After the Farmer's Market season is over I can start in on custom orders. I know a few of you have asked about it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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URFAVE5 said...

Yay for you and no numbness or tingling. Brian wakes up throughout the night with the numbness and tingling and then while he is working it does it as well. He really needs this surgery done. We were told a week of recovery and he could go back to work. From reading your post it sounds like he'd need at least a couple of weeks. Man that is hard to take off that much work when there isn't paid days off to take off.

Well anyway, I'm glad your doing well and that Gena was there and that grandma is there taking care of you and helping you.

Take care-Love you,