Monday, September 12, 2011

So Much TO Do...So What Am I To Do?

Just go about your life as usual but if it hurts, STOP! That's the advice given to me Wednesday when my surgical wrap was removed. The last 5 days have been an experiment in just how much I can do. Opening a jar? No. Pressing the lever of our front door? No. Squeezing the manual can opener? Uh uh. Chopping vegetables with my big knife? Nope. Popping the lid
off of a can of no-stick spray or hair mousse? Ha ha. Crocheting little critters and toys for the next Farmer's Market? Dream on...

I tried to take it easy the first few days and gradually add things I could do. By Friday night I knew I had done too much. Even though doing dishes and folding laundry didn't hurt at the time, it all added up to one really sore hand at the end of the week. Today I have been what I feel is lazy, but guess what? My hand doesn't hurt. Sigh...

 One thing I can do carefully is run my sewing machine. I owe so much love to Diana for finishing what I started before surgery. I cut out 6 aprons and sewed all of the hems on all of the ruffles. I also sewed the neck and waist ties and hemmed the apron bodies. Diana has come over several nights after work and gathered 18 ruffles and sewn them to the apron bodies! She has saved me hours of work and made it so that I can have a good inventory for the market this Friday. My task is to put the aprons together now. I have finished three.

My sweet 88 year old mother has diligently sat and crocheted for two weeks. She has upped my inventory of Jack-o-lanterns from zero to 6.  I made a bunch of corny Candy Corn guys a month ago but I have only three ghosties and one witch, it will have to do. It will have to do! Thanks Momma for your love and help!

I think I can have four of these little Hootie Owls done

YIKES!!! I had better get busy!!

In other news...Britt moved out into a condo of her own just a week after my surgery I feel badly that I couldn't do anything to help her. She is very happy and anxious to get her bedroom decorated. It's a darling place, owned by a young couple who had great taste. She has two fun roommates and they are looking forward to fun times in their cute place!

 Darling, Huh?!

The a-fore mentioned news means that at long last Miss Mari has her own sewing room!! It's a mess right now and I cannot do much about that, but I am excited to get it put together in the coming months. Now that I know I can be successful at the Farmer's Market I plan on sewing and creating all year long with that in mind.I will soon be ready to take custom orders as well. My hand just needs a bit more time.

Love to you all!

~The one-handed seamstress!


URFAVE5 said...

I'm sorry your hand is still hurting. I don't think Brian would be going back to his physical labor job of trimming houses and hanging doors in a week. Good grief, thank goodness for you doing this surgery first and letting us know what it's really like. I'm so glad that you have had good helpers to help you out. I LOVE the candy corn guys. I wish I had a few of those cute yummy guys.
I'm also so happy for Britt. She is an amazing young lady!

Good luck at the market this weekend!

Love you all,

Nancy Face said...

Oh, your little candy corn guys are the cutest! The hootie owls, too!

I feel so bad for you with all the things you're unable to do right now! I hope your healing comes along quickly! ♥

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I am so sorry that you are still in so much pain...but I can't believe you were able to all that anyway. You are amazing! I just LOVE the hootie cute!
Take care of that hand...and yourself!
Loe you