Friday, July 8, 2011


Do you believe that things often mistaken for coincidence are actually much more? The most amazing thing happened to our family last week. Nick and Diana were nearly home from work when they saw a little dog walking in the road. It was a hot, hot day, he had no collar on, and he looked as if he were very lost. Diana opened her car door and called to the little guy. He came right to her and hopped into her arms. He was a small Jack Russell Terrier, all white with caramel colored ears and that same color of a spot around one eye. This was very endearing to Diana because he reminded her a lot of our dog Sam. He was hot, and thirsty and seemed very happy to be in a cool, air conditioned car. Diana sighed and told Nick, "If we had a little dog like this I would name him Scout."

After bringing him into their home and watching him drink nearly two bowls full of water they took him to our vet at Pet Smart's Banfield Hospital to have him scanned for a micro chip. The gal who did the scan praised them saying that hardly anyone ever does that, and so many pets are micro-chipped theses days that we should all remember to do this for a found animal. Sure enough, the scan showed a chip. He was registered with two Provo phone numbers in 2007 and his name was... 

duh  DUH  DUHN...

Scout.    ooo!

Scout came to our house so he could use the facilities in our backyard and cool off in the shade with Sam, who happened to welcome him surprising us all! Pet Smart called the micro chip company who, in turn, called the numbers listed. They got back to Nick saying that the first number was disconnected. Not good! They got through on the second number but had to leave a message. It began to look like we would have him overnight as it was already past 7:00 p.m. That was OK with me because he was a darling little dog and so well mannered. I worried that his owners may have been BYU students who had since moved from Provo and not updated the chip. How long had he been out in the heat wandering? All day? Several days? Diana bathed him and we rubbed some of Sam's cortisone cream on his tummy for the redness and sores he had. She cuddled him and brushed his fur. It was at this point that Nick began to worry about her getting too attached.

Diana: "We could keep him!"

Nick: "Diana! We don't have a yard. We both work all day. And besides, we aren't allowed to have a dog in our condo."

Diana: "But Mom and Dad have a back yard..."

Dee: "Oh no you don't! We don't need another dog!"

Brittany: "But Dad! He's so good! Look how he and Samwise get along!"

Dee: (marching up the stairs) "No, No, NO!

Dee was overheard the next day saying very softly..."come here little doggie! Cute little doggie! Wanna belly rub? Ooh, gooood boy!"

Little Scout did sleep over with us, which was fine. He curled right up with Brittany. I felt so badly for him. He seemed so lost and confused. I hoped that if Sam ever got away from us that someone would find him and be just as good to him. He is micro-chipped as well.

The next day I was at the dentist with Richard and Rachel when Nick called my phone. He had heard from the second number. It was the work # of the mother of the owner. She was so happy and relieved. Scout was a beloved pet and they had been looking for him for a whole day. She was actually crying, she was so relieved! His owners are a young couple who had just recently  (like last week) moved to Lehi where Nick and Diana live. He had apparently found a spot under the fence where he could squeeze through. They were devastated. How could he ever find his way home in an unfamiliar neighborhood?

Nick gave her his number and mine as well. Soon, the owner called me. He was overjoyed! He called us heroes. (Nah. We're just dog people with kind hearts.) He was in Salt lake to pick up his wife from Girl's Camp and they would be over as soon as they could. I sent him a photo of Scout on my cell phone so they would be reassured he was fine.
 He was chillin' on the sofa with the guys playing Mario Bro.s!
Isn't he cute?

As if the name wasn't coincidence's where it gets interesting.

Brittany texted me about an hour later and said, "Mom! Guess what? Scout is DaNene's dog! I mean, DaNene's daughter Lyndsey's dog!"

Woah! DaNene is the swim team manager. The team Dee and all of my kids have either coached for or swam for. Britt worked with DaNene for years and years at the front desk and has heard stories of Scout forever, even his globetrotting trips to New York City because DaNene couldn't live without seeing him!
It seems that Lyndsey, after being picked up by her husband (she had cried all the way home from camp thinking her Scout was lost for good) saw the picture mail I had sent to her husband's phone. She saw my last name. There are not that many Loose's out there ya know. 

She called her mom and asked, "What's Dee's wife's name?"
 DaNene told her "Marianne, why?"
"Because they are the ones who have Scout!"

DaNene called Brittany just crying and thanking her over and over. Lyndsey and her husband had just moved to Lehi a few days earlier. The new place has a dog door and Scout was enjoying his new freedom. They think some fireworks spooked him and he escaped under the gate.___ told us "My wife goes away to camp and I lose half of our family!" He had put up posters around the new neighborhood that morning and had slept on the sofa all night long in case Scout came back and scratched at the front door. (and here Scout was, sleeping with another woman!) 

The family came and had a joyful reunion. He was overjoyed to see them! They said over and over how grateful they were. He was their baby for so many years while they tried to have a baby and couldn't. (They have recently been able to adopt two darling sisters!) He wasn't wearing his collar because his tags jingle at night. Lesson learned.

PLEASE micro-chip your pets. And PLEASE, if you ever find a lost animal, take it to be scanned for a chip. it's always free! As the girl at the vet said, hardly anyone ever does that. They just haul the poor animal off to the shelter. We would think of it because we are nuts for a cute little doggie. 

Brittany said that she thinks it was meant to be. I agree.

 I just love a cute little J.R.T.!!


URFAVE5 said...

ABSOLUTELY NO coincidence! I think many times things that appear as coincidences are sweet tender mercies from a loving Father in Heaven. These tender mercies help to remind us that He is mindful of us and loves us.

Scout is a darling dog. Maybe him and Samwise can have some play dates. They look like they are good friends!

Diana said...

I wasn't the on getting attached... NICK was. He was afraid he couldn't handle giving him to a shelter.

Diana said...

I wasn't the on getting attached... NICK was. He was afraid he couldn't handle giving him to a shelter.

Diana said...

I wasn't the on getting attached... NICK was. He was afraid he couldn't handle giving him to a shelter.

Anonymous said...

What a great story with such a happy ending (my favorite kind of story, btw). Scout is a darling dog and I can see why everyone was getting so attached to him. I'll bet it was a little hard to give him up.

Our beloved Katie, who we had for 14 years, was also found waundering in the road, on a rainy day however, she looked like a drowned rat. Our neighbor picked her up and eventually passed her on to us (I don't think they had microchips back then...HA)

Abbie said...

Coolest story!!! I'll definitely check for microchips now.