Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Don't Rain on My Parade!

July Fourth was pretty fun at the little house on the corner. For days before, Nick had kept us entertained with amazing pyrotechnics in our driveway. Aerial fireworks are legal in Utah this year so nobody had to drive to Wyoming to get the high flying stuff. Not that we ever did...seriously! Then yesterday I arose early and made two little batches of vanilla ice cream while Dee got the barbecue preparations ready. We decided to eat mid-afternoon so we could get out to Electric Park in Lehi to enjoy the fireworks show. We hadn't been to a show in years but Brittany was in charge of this one and we wanted to support her and be together for the holiday. We got there early hoping to get a good parking place for a quick exit after the show. Brittany had saved us a sweet spot on a hill by putting our quilts down. I was a bit embarrassed by the huge traffic cones she used to keep the quilts from blowing away. We all felt like V.I.P.'s as she used her official golf cart to give us rides from the paring lot to our spot for the evening.
We settled in and everyone went to doing what they would have been doing at home...electronics! Argh!
Soon that was put to rest by Diana teaching us a new card game. There were also naps to be had, books to be read, &  photos to be taken. 
I made the black and white bag I carried my stuff in. I am proud of myself.

 More video games, treats, and lovely views. Do any of you grandkids of Helen remember this quilt? Oh, and note Dee's straw. Red vines and Dr. Pepper are actually very good together!
It wasn't long before the clouds that had been threatening all day began to drizzle on our happy little group. It was just  a sprinkling but went on long enough that we put up the umbrellas to keep dry. We laughed at the many Utahans that scattered and ran for cover as the drops intensified. Being former residents of Washington State we thought they were rather wimpy!
Below you see the progression of the weather throughout the afternoon.
The show was spectacular! We had so much fun "oo-ing and ahh-ing" with the crowd.
I am so impressed every time I watch my daughter do her job. She was made for this kind of thing. She handles the public with such respect and kindness. She deals with her vendors in a professional but caring way. She's awfully smart and pretty too!
Good job Miss Britt!


Sarah Faria said...

I'm so glad you didn't let the rain scare you off! I LOVE fireworks and your pictures at the end are so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Looks/sounds like a great day/night in Lehi. I also think the rain seems like a perfect addition, just enough to cool things down a bit and create a lovely smell. I must say, however, that I think the most impressive part of your day was Dee's licorice straw...this will be my new favorite thing...with Diet Coke though instead of Dr. Pepper (we all have our favorite, you know).

Jaimie said...

Love your pics! :)

URFAVE5 said...

Yay for Britt and for a spectacular 4th of July! I wish we could have seen a great show like that. The rain wouldn't scare us off but the 108 degree weather at 9:00pm would melt us away. So sadly, we stayed in and watched the Macy's firework show on t.v.:(