Sunday, July 31, 2011

About A Girl & A Horse

More New Mexico Fun!  The characters in this poem are real. Any likeness to anyone you may know was intentional.

There once was a girl
who went for a ride.
Her sis came along.
They rode side by side.

One horse got spooked.
The other one charged,
left its' rider behind
and headed for the yard.
She landed on her bum.
Cousin Tom came on the run.
"Help me up!
Can't sit still!
I'm on an ant hill!

Dorothy, the nurse,
from an AZ  E.R.
Said, "Girl you are fine.
How lucky you are!"

"Don't tell my Mom!" 
this cowgirl declared.
I don't want her worrying
or being too scared.

Later that night
sis slipped her some ice
for cooling her ouchie
it felt really nice.

To her mother she lied,
said she was just a bit sore.
But Wes the nurse knew
 there had to be more.

He questioned her fully.
Her story was known.
Her mama did worry!
Had she broken a bone?

Now three weeks later
she hobbles around.
Her back needs adjusting.
From horses she is ground (-ed)!

Now she's too sore to jump,
or even to dance.
She's just a girl
with ants in her pants!!

I promised not to say which cowgirl it was. You must guess!


URFAVE5 said...

Very cute poem. I'm taking a guess that it's Brittany?

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Cute poem!! It sounds like EVERYONE had fun on that trip.
Love and miss you all