Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Through the Tears

Today my sweet Sarah left to go back to Toronto for her final year of doctorate studies. We were blessed to have her here for nearly a month on this visit. I have loved every minute of it. I think we are all hurting today with the separation. My heart was full this morning as her father gave her a tender blessing from our Father in Heaven. It held many beautiful promises regarding her future. I was comforted and felt so grateful for the power of the Priesthood. After Dee left with Sarah for the airport I cried and cried. I was all alone in the house. Where was comfort to be found? I sat down and called my sister and my Mom immediately. It was good to hear familiar, tender voices cry with me and reassure me. I love my family so much. I guess that is why parting is so difficult! As I sat down to type this post I was joined by an intuitive friend who always knows when I need a little extra snuggle of warmth...

As I tried to make room for Sam, Richard grabbed the camera and snapped a few photos for me. Soon my friend had turned and curled up to the point that I had to back my chair up to give him room. I postponed the blogging and just let him sleep. He made me feel better!

I will miss seeing this smile for awhile but it's only one more year until she can move closer to us. In the meantime I am counting the days until Christmas (while thoroughly enjoying our summer sun...finally!).


URFAVE5 said...

Oh that made me cry for you! I am so sorry that you too have been having some trials and opposition the last few months. You are an another sweet and kind example to me. I love and appreciate you so much!

Love You,

Anonymous said...

I'm a little teary after reading this post. I remember those days when our daughters would return to school after being home for the summer, I would just walk around the house not knowing what to do next. Finally after a couple of dreary days life would get going again and so did I...but I honestly can feel your pain (and it doesn't feel that good!) I love that Sam is there to comfort you, it's wonderful to have a sweet companion who just "gets it". Keep your head up and enjoy this beautiful warm weather. We were up there this past weekend and it was lovely.

Nancy Face said...

I'm so sorry for your tears. I did pretty much the same thing when Lauren and Ted left on their honeymoon. My poor hubby didn't know what to do with his sobbing wife! But it was much better the next day! I hope you're okay!

We had a heartbreaking morning today. Lauren and Ted's little dog got out of their back gate and got hit by a car in a nearby road. When we found him, I ran out and scooped him up so they can bury him later today when Ted gets home. It's just awful.

Sarah said...

Oh Mom! I am sorry I made you cry so much! If it makes you feel better I cried a bit myself after I got into bed last night :( It's always hard to come back to a quiet, empty apartment after being home with the family. I wish I had a Samwise of my own!! I had a wonderful time at home and I love you all so much!

(p.s. Sorry about the smile in that picture you used- it's my "why are you pointing that camera at me?" smile!)