Friday, June 24, 2011

Father & Son

Let's celebrate the men in my life! This was a good week for just that. Sunday was Father's Day. I thought of this man quite a bit, and missed him fiercely. No little girl could ask for a Daddy who loved her more.

I spent the day with this guy, who I love so much. He got a new calling on Father's Day too. He is the 1st counselor in the bishopric of our YSA Ward.

The kids set out a spread of his favorite things for Father's Day. See the stack of note cards? He takes notes on every Sacrament meeting he attends, and still writes a daily scripture card and message for Richard. That was a much appreciated gift! He is also a nut for outdoor pathway lights. Nick is spoiling him!

Then there is this guy, you know, the one who holds the Master Sword?
He turned 16 on Monday. Unreal!

 When asked what flavor of cake he wanted he said, "surprise me Mom!
" SO...I baked him a Devil's Food cake in an Angel's Food cake pan.
Is this sending a mixed message?
I don't know!

Observe his technique as he opens his gifts. Don't you just love teenaged boys?
 Another one of his many wacky faces. The kid has an endless supply!

Here he is laughing at the "perfect" card we found for him.

 Wii love him!!
(Did you notice Britt's nick-name for him? It makes Dee so mad!)

I am also sending prayers and good wishes to my wonderful father-in-law Bob.
He took a nasty fall the other day while getting up too fast from doing push-ups. His face is battered and bruised and he broke his wrist! He sailed through surgery yesterday and now has a metal plate and pins in his wrist. That will add to the fun at airport security he has always had with his artificial hip!
I have always loved this photo of him showing Rachel and Richard how to do push-ups.
Just remember to get up slower next time Dad!

Happy Father's Day, Happy Birthday, and Get Well Soon guys!
I love you all!

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URFAVE5 said...

What a great week (other than your Father in law taking a fall). Happy belated Father's Day to Uncle Dee. He is one of the best fathers I know. I love how he writes a scripture card everyday for Richard. Also congrats to him on his new calling-he will do awesome!
Last but surely not least-HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Richard!!!! He is one fine young man!

Lots of Love to you all!