Friday, August 6, 2010

In Business!

I have been A.W.O.L. from the blogosphere lately! I have missed you all. Life has been a bit hectic in the little house on the corner and I am still trying to keep up! Mostly, Dee's nephew Conner has been visiting us and between him , Richard, and Rachel there is little computer time por moi!

One thing that has kept me busy has been getting my aprons ready for a little boutique and to go on sale online. I tried unsuccessfully to get them up on Etsy. I seem to get stuck at a certain point. I know all I need is for someone to show me how just once and I'll be fine but in the meantime I will tell you about where they are being sold. First of all, Brittany graduated in Communications and Public Relations and is she ever good at it! She got under me and lit a fire to get them up for sale and then proceeded to find a way to do it! Her good friend at work, Rebecca Danklef, has a boutique she runs once a month with her daughter Ashley. It is called "Bliss". They also have a website where they sell the boutique items all of the time. I am now at both locations, literally and in cyber-space!
 Next Britt put her younger sister Rachel to work. Our resident Art major created three logos for me. Here are two. The first is my business card. The second is a poster she made to display at the boutique.
Isn't she talented?

This is a flier that "Bliss" put out for advertising.

The boutique is held in the original Pleasant Grove City Hall. It was also the P.G. Library for many years. I drove by it every day as I went to teach first grade just north of this site.

Here is a peek inside. It is full of color and creativity and lots of shoppers! Oh, and there are sparkly things everywhere! (My weakness!)

Here are my aprons on display. Sorry for the blurry shot. It was on my cell phone and know!

Britt and Granni waiting in line to make their purchases!

The aprons were not up as of yesterday. Ashely has been busy getting the shop ready. They only open for the first weekend of every month beginning on the Thursday before. They will be up soon and whatever I don't sell at the store will go up online next week.
Eventually I hope to have my on site!
Whether I sell a lot or a few, it has been a lot of fun!!


Diana said...

You should get a popular blog to do a give away as a promotion! That would lead a lot of people to your product once it's on line!

Marianne said...

Good idea darling!

Lori said...

Oooo I love aprons and I love yours. I made some recently (I'll put it on Facebook) and I have to say I got the sewing fever, which I haven't had for a long time. Now I want to sew a bunch of stuff, but I don't have the time. I wish I could bag the full time job, but then that would make Doug pretty sad and I would hope the attorneys at the firm. I just wish I had more time to create. I love the fabric and colors that you have picked . . . yummy. How much are they?

URFAVE5 said...

You ALL are so way talented! I love the aprons-way way way cute. The fabric you picked is just darling. I also love the business card and the poster. Wow she really is talented! I'm also glad that Brittany got you going. I can't wait to see all of the internet selling away-your going to be so popular:). Fun fun! I'd like to buy one or two or a few. They'd make great gifts! How much are you selling them for?

B*Marie said...

We are going to do a giveaway for Facebook Friday at the American Fork Fitness Center. Anybody that lives in Utah County, or who comes to the A.F.F.C can enter to win, or you can send an email to: with "join" in the subject box and you will be entered.

BRONX BUZZ said...

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