Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two For One!

Double delight on Dad's day. It is also Richard's 15th birthday! I got up early and made my two men some pancakes and bacon before we headed off to 9:00 church. Snaps for me! I have not done "early" very well lately! To be able to honor my two favorite guys in one day was so fun! Richard got a new bicycle. He has grown so much this year he left his old bike behind awhile ago. Dee got a great stash of Gatorade to help him in his long distance swim training and a fun collectible coin to add to some cool coins he already has. I thought I would honor both of them by posting some pictures of them together through the last fifteen years. These make my heart both glad and sad. My boy, my youngest child is growing so fast yet I am so happy he is becoming the kind of man his father is. I couldn't ask for more!

June 20, 1995, Tacoma, Washington.

A Sunday nap together after Dad got home from his office at church.

Same situation 3 years later!

The covered wagon they made for Pioneer Day 2000.

Richard's baptism day July 5, 2003. Alpine Tabernacle in American Fork.

Coach and son at a swim meet in Boise, Idaho. 2006.

Disneyland, 2006.

On the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle, WA, 2006.

Fathers and Sons Camp-out, Payson Canyon, Utah, 2007.

My two favorite guys! May 1, 2010.


Sarah said...

These are my two favorite guys too! Thanks for posting all these great pictures Mom- I miss you all!

Lori said...

Pictures are great aren't they? I mean I can see the physical change in Richard, but why does Dee look the same??? How is that possible? I especially love the very last one . . .

Marianne said...

I agree Lori! Richard has smiling issues, can you tell? You hae to catch him when he is not trying too hard!

Dee will look forever young in my opinion!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

HAHAHA Richard and Gavin are so much alike. gavin looks constipated in every picture. he can't smile to save his life...and he is always posing like a girl..Heaven Help ME!!!
Well I love all these fun for the two of them to get to celebrate together!
Hope all is well up North.
love and miss you!

URFAVE5 said...

I loved all these pictures! I hope it was a very Happy Birthday for Richard and a very Happy Father's Day for Dee. We sure love these guys!


P.S. Thank you for help and support through my blogging troubles!!!