Monday, May 3, 2010

Utah Valley University Graduation!

Three college graduates in one week! Go us!! Friday, April 30, 2010 found us in the McKay Events Center at U.V.U. in Orem for the graduation of Brittany Marie!
The Commencement exercises for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences begins.
University President Matthew Holland addresses the crowd.

Our girl giving us a smile!

After the ceremony we went out for pictures. Let me tell you, it was COLD! We all smiled for our photos but we were out of there quickly when it was all done.

Britt with her siblings. Only Rachel was missing.
I would drive to Ephraim the next day to bring her home.

Dee's mother Felicia, or "Granni", was with us! Yes, my eyes are closed. It is a condition I suffer from..."Photo Shut-eye-tis".

My two blondie daughters. Lifelong buddies, always there for each other!

Brittany was tickled pink to finally be DONE!
She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

Afterward we all enjoyed dinner at the Olive Garden with good food,
a singing waiter, and fun conversation.
B's friend Sarah G. joined us. She is our fifth daughter.

Thus ended our very big, very busy, very tiring week!
We are so happy to all be under one roof for a few days.
Sarah returns to Toronto late tonight.
Rachel has been busy unpacking and trying to fit back into her room
with far more stuff than she left home with. How did that happen?
More later...TTFN!

Check out Brittsi's Blahhhhhhhh-g for a few more photos and an impromtu resume!


Nick said...

I think that President Holland looks a lot like his dad, but I don't think his name is Jeffery.....I'm pretty sure its Matthew. I has a Poli Sci Class from him at BYU.

Marianne said...

Thanks Nick. I'll fix it! My brain is scrambled eggs these days!