Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Re-emerging...

Yes, this could be me!

I cannot seem to wake up. Every day is the same. My alarm goes off and I find myself in a groggy cloud of blurry need to sleep longer. I get 7-8 hours a night. I am not sure what's up! I have determined one thing, however. I believe I truly suffer from S.A.D. or Seasonal Affective Disorder. We have had some nice sunny days on and off lately and I always seem to feel better, more motivated on those days. On the gray days I walk around in a fog. I do get things done, but slowly. I am not sure how to fix this other than moving to a sunnier place! Brittany wants to take me tanning. She is certain it helps her. My skin is in bad enough shape from growing up in Mesa! I am not sure I want to add to it!

In other less-than-exciting news...Today is my annual gynecological exam. I love my doctor. He sits and listens to me in his comfy office before I get to wear the paper gown! I don't really feel like talking about my life while wearing a paper gown! But what will I say today?

I am sorry I did not go in for my mammogram this last year. You see, the one the year before hurt like no other! I have had numerous mammo tests and none have ever come close to the last one! The words, busrting and exploding come to mind. I hurt for days afterward! Yes, there is some anxiety there.

I am sorry I did not go to the hospital lab and get my blood test last year. I couldn't seem to get out of bed!

Gray skies make me S.A.D. What can you DO about it Dr. M.? Hmmm?

Yes, I know I have put on weight since last year. I cannot seem to get myself moving. I promise, the first warm sunny morning I will be out there walking!

Am I happy? Mostly. Just don't ask before my morning shower!

Is it my age? Don't tell me!!

I will let you know what he says!


Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to hear what Dr. M has to say, I have many of those "symptoms" myself, however, I am older than you and should be over all that by now. I, too, am soooo affected by the weather. Today is beautiful outside (yesterday too) and I've been all over town, spending money, etc. Believe me, my husband prays for gloomy weather.

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

yep, i think you need to move back to mesa.

it's the only true cure.

Diana said...

Don't go tanning. It's not healthy, I don't care how many professionals say that a base tan will solve all your problems for summer. They are in a business, one that gets its revenue through people damaging their skin, so duh, they'll tell you any thing to get you inside. I used to tan, and I regret it. All you need to do is get out of the house, take a walk down in that park by the basin. With that sort of sun you can never go wrong!

URFAVE5 said...

Well as you can tell from my vampire white skin (and no I don't think it's beautiful-persoanlly) I don't tan. Not because I wouldn't LOVE to. Not because in Arizona we don't have the sunshine for it. No it is because my skin just won't tan. Burn-yes! Yes my skin will burn but NOT tan. Nope not a bit! Trust me I do not walk around with these butt white pasty legs because I think they are beautiful. Trust me again when I say that tan fat/chubby legs look much better than butt white/pasty legs. Everything looks a bit smaller with some color. So my big advice on tanning for what it's worth-tan your body, and sunscreen sunscreen, sunscreen your face and neck! And wear a hat too!!! And when you tan your body be darn thankful for that body and skin that will give some color and that you don't look like a pasty butt white vampire.

O.K. sorry for that little tangent there. Anyway, I hope all went well with your doctor apt. I have lots of your symptoms as well. I hope he had some good fixes and answers to our problems.

Love ya,

Jen Currier said...

Ok- I'm sorry to leave a comment when I don't actually know you, however, I randomly came across your blog (even though I'm not sure I believe in random...). I wanted to share something with you. A doctor I am seeing recently told me that most people walk around with a Vitamin D deficiency, and that the recommended daily minimums are vastly out of date. He recommended that everyone should be getting 4000 IUs of Vit D and explained that particularly with people who have seasonal depression issues that it is often related to a Vit D deficiency. You could get a simple blood test to see if you're deficient or start taking a supplement of Vit D and see if it helps. (I found one in an oil form at Whole Foods- totally tasteless and easy to take.)
If this sounds like nonsense to you, then please ignore me...but for some reason I felt compelled to comment.

Lori said...

What did I get from your post? How cool it is that your doctor talks to you before he/she you with the paper shirt on - how cool is that?!! Well I'm glad you are seeing him and I hope you put your hand up and the other on a bible and swear that you will never ever again "forget" to schedule that mammogram. I know it feels like you are smashing your girlfriends into crepes, but in the end it is worth it - can't preach enough on that subject. Good luck