Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Alive

The original name of my blog was "Marianne's View". I changed it after awhile because I thought it sounded like a news show. But lately all that I have is the same view every day. It has been 9 days since the onset of my cough turned to sinus infection. Five days into it I finally saw the doctor. Four days later the Amoxicillin is doing nothing. So I share with you "Marianne's View, March 2010".

Thanks to Gena for leaving me her copy of "City of Bones".
I have wanted to read it for awhile and now I sadly have the time ! :(
Every now and then I glance up from the book
and generally see this looking back at me!
He keeps me warm!

If Sam moves himself enough I see this...

If I turn my head I see this...

That's my view!
Special thanks to my sweet family. Rachel was home for spring break and she is a delight! I did get myself up and out with her a few times. We needed to get her some new jeans and shoes. I love shopping with my Rachie! She goes straight for what she wants and gets it done!
She kept the laundry going and did dishes as well.
Britt has been supportive and helpful, picking things up at the store and making marvelous stuffed french toast!
Richard checks in on me every hour and has brought me countless glasses of water and juice!
Dee feeds us wonderful meals and lets me lay my head on his shoulder
when the pain is too much.
Nick and Diana came out and brought cheer along with them. Nick helped Dee & Richard get the Christmas lights down while Diana watched "New Moon" with me.

I just called the doctor. They are going to phone in a new prescription for me.


Helen Ellsworth said...

Sweert Marianne, I am so sorry to hear about your illmess. Wish I was there to keep you company and help to keep you happy and taken care of. If it were possible I would be there. I have been going to the Physical Therapist for my poor neck. Having pain solid for two months is really getting to me. My muscles back there are really tight so it will take awhile. Wish I could have known before it got so bas, then it wouldn't have taken so long to loosen them up. Thank heavens it doesn't bother me much to quilt. I am well on my way to having Michael and Sarahs quilt finished. We had a bad snow storm Friday. It warmed up yesterday and today has been gorgeous. The girls are even doing their homework outside on a quilt but got the bad news that another storm is on its wayh. Oh well! Take care and remember your Mother loves you lots.

URFAVE5 said...

Bless your heart! I'm sorry you've been so sick! But I am happy that you have such great kids and a wonderful husband that all seem to love you and take such great care of you!
I hope you get to feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Marianne, You've got to snap out of this! Spring will be here any minute and I'm afraid you're going to miss it, not to mention...only about 10 days left before the BIG race. I'm getting nervous...Jim is old, you know. I'm sorry your sickness has gone on for so long, some antibiotics just don't "cut it". Good luck with the new one. Actually, laying in bed with your cute dog and a good book sounds pretty great to me.

Anonymous said...

P.S. You're right...Brent doesn't have a musical bone in his should have been there!

Lori said...

Oh I'm sooooo sorry that you are feeling so yucky. I had that same thing and my cough is just finally stopping, or at least is giving me a little bit of a break. I'm not sure why, but it seems that my sinuses just clogg up so easily and often too. Did your doctor say anything as to how to avoid this issue? I did not go to the doctor (I know, I'm a dummy)and I know that's why it has taken soooo long to get better. If I knew how to avoid this I would in a heartbeat. I wish I had someone like Sam to cuddle with. He is so dang cute. I watched Melissa's little guy for four days - Jenks. I was in heaven having him around. Glad you are on the road to recovery - be careful and don't over do it.

Dorie said...

Awww geez Marianne:( I had that very same cold about 4 weeks ago and it seemed to hang on for just over 2 weeks!! Yuck. But I did spend alot of time watching food network and making great menus! Try to enjoy the down time :) thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog, and yes, I am serious when it comes to the "oldies" as I call them and rescuing them and will do my darndest to keep them around :)

Anonymous said...

We just got back from lunch with Brent and he said he is calling you today to talk about the race, etc. We're looking forward to it however, I'm a little nervous for Jim...he's old, you know. I hope you're feeling better.