Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's All About the Food!

With not much going on lately I have had a hard time finding anything to blog about! In looking through our January photos thus far I have noticed a theme...

We seem to always be gathered around our table, really! Is it like that at your house? Perhaps it is because it is so close to our favorite room...the kitchen! So here are our January food photos (so far!)

O.K. This one was actually in December but I forgot to show you! While on a layover in London, Sarah made sure to purchase her favorite (and mine too by far!) Cadbury chocolate! She brought home a giant bar to share with the family. Here it is, next to one of our American giant bars. Makes it look pretty small, huh?!

Our first January gathering around the table was to celebrate Nick's 24th birthday. Here are cousins Michael and Sarah putting up with my camera.

Everyone's favorite Auntie Gena was here too! Fabulous darling! She had just brought her boys back to Utah for school and work. Here is Christopher not quite so fresh off of his New Hampshire mission but he's still got the glow, I think!

Here is our sweet Diana decorating cupcakes and mini cakes for her husband! We gave her a hard time about the blue frosting...blended Smurfs?

Take a close look at those cupcakes. They were beautiful!
And here begins our parting gift from Sarah. Two days before she left for Toronto she traveled with me to take Rachel back to school. It was a long day! Then, the next day she made a beautiful Tuscan dinner for us! This was the meal she helped the Relief Society ladies in Siena make for their ward Halloween party. You eat in courses. First came the bread! Behold and drool!

Garlic rubbed, fresh tomato and basil, wonderful cheese...!

Italian sausage and cheese, garlic and herbs...sigh!

Wait! There's more! (I thought we had just eaten dinner...I was happy enough but then came the penne pasta with beef and sausage, sauteed garlic and veggies..I am sure I am leaving something out but it was heavenly!

Here was our vegetable beans, onions, tomato and something else...Sarah help me!
Delicious!! We were stuffed!
We continued to eat this feast for two more days. It was sweet to taste Sarah's wonderful food even though she was now so far away! Come home soon sweetie and make some more!

Finally...I could not let January pass without showing you Caesar's final revenge. Just before he boarded the plane for Canada he got one more chance to teach that grubby barbarian who is boss. Said barbarian retreated to his cave in Provo. Will he return? Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

"It's all about the food" is my life-motto. Great pictures and I could smell everyone's breath clear down here in St. George...but hey, who cares! Beautiful cupcakes by Diana too. Keep up the good work with all the yummy food, it can cheer up any dreary, snowy day.

URFAVE5 said...

Yep it's for sure all about the food! I love food! I love to eat and eat! Nothing would be as good without the food!

I wish I was there to enjoy all of your good food with you all!

Miss you,

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

mmmm....looks delicious!

we've noticed in my family that for some odd reason, we always seem to gather in the smallest room...odd how that happens. i guess it shows that we truly do love each other and love being close.

Lori said...

Ummm you can tell we are related - we have the same thing happening over here in Mesa. Everytime the words, "Let's get together" is mentioned it follows with "Where should we meet for dinner?" We are never concerned about the activity that might follow like a movie or cards, but first the important item - what are we going to eat. Probably explains why the word "diet" is very rarely spoken in my family, but should be - ha!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

In the Ellsworth home it's all about the food for sure! Dad can cook with the best of them and we are all the lucky ones who get to partake! You can't ever sit down to play a card game without a bowl of something within reaching distance as well. Food is GOOD! Love to you all!