Saturday, January 23, 2010

It rained Monday through Wednesday. It was lovely! It warmed our air to a toasty 45 degrees. It melted all of the nasty snow in along the streets that was so dirty from the sand and grit thrown on it. It gave us sun and blue skies in between rains. It made me yearn for spring, but it's only January. I knew better.

Last night at about 9:00 Brittany came in from work and asked us if we had looked outside. The photos speak for themselves.

Out the front door. 10:00 P.M.

Sunrise this morning.

Winter Wonderland!

It required a hot breakfast! Hello blackberries from my back yard! I love you!
A taste of summer in January!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures...a winter wonderland for sure! We, too, have had lots of rain, a novelty for us. It's funny, we complain about not having rain and then when we get it, we complain because we get wet when we have to go somewhere. We are very spoiled here in St. George. So far, no big snow falls for us this year and we're already starting to talk about barbeques and daffodils with the sun shining beautifully today. We hope the Spring will come soon for you too.

URFAVE5 said...

Very beautiful pictures! I love it! I wish I was there to enjoy it with you, well at least for a little while and then I'd be ready to go back to Gilbert. I will pray for a speedy spring for you and will you pray for summer not to come to us until later on:) Man are we ever happy?

Love you!